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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Luck, LJ

What's with LiveJournal? I'm hearing that it might go belly up.

I have to admit, when I researched which blog vehicle to use, LiveJournal came in dead last. The cutesy emails I got from LJ's admin team were a little too cheesy for my taste—at least when I trialed them.

I am not a fan of the "friending" model either. It's functional as a networking tool but only on a limited score since it forces you to become a friend or be left out of the inner circle. This is an aggressive opt-in mechanism for LJ. One that Facebook and MySpace also use. I get a little annoyed when someone tries to coerce me to follow the pack.

I'm such an anarchist. lol

My prediction, for what it's worth, is that friending will be outdated in a couple of years--or less. I think the new trend will be "followers", readers who read you but don't necessarily belong to your intimate community.

I'm okay with that. It's like dating without a commitment for marriage.

Blogging is getting very specialized and I've found some fantastic blogs in every field. Chit chat seems to be moving on to Twitter.

Many of my friends are on Twitter, but I will be the wet blanket and say that it seems like another time drain, reading wise. You can't post anything substantial on Twitter. Instead it appears to be a laundry list of "what I did today".

Now if it was a list of juicy links for good market info or the latest publishing deal, it would draw me in---but so far from what I've seen, such posts are few and far between.

It will be interesting to see if LJ will fade away. Many of the bloggers I follow are archiving their blogs and putting them into other vehicles should LJ pull the life support plug.

I don't like to see anything die prematurely so this is sad news indeed.

Today is the last day for the I-Needa-Name-Contest. You can leave an entry on any post until midnight tonight. Go here for more details.

I was going to name a winner Friday but I want some time to consider all of them carefully. I will be bit busy until Sunday, so I will announce it then.

Keep entering. The fat lady ain't sung.


Angela James said...

I've seen very interesting industry and book conversations take place on Twitter, so I don't think it's exclusively "what I did today". I find Twitter a good resource for interacting with people I might not otherwise interact with, and getting opinions on topics that I might not otherwise raise on my blog or elsewhere.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Angie!

I'm only going by the Twitter posts people cross-post to their blogs as well as the word on the street on various Yahoo groups.

Maybe it's just a matter of finding the "right" Twitterers, but that too takes time.

I put in a request for a life extension, but so far the big GUY hasn't gotten back with me.