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Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, we're back to regular programming. For those new to this blog, I regularly post market and publishing news on Mondays.


I want to let you know about a new (to me) website that my editor Angela James mentioned recently. Literary Escapism is a website that discusses all manner of SFF fiction. Check it out! It's a great little site that introduces you to a lot of new fiction.


Triangulation is an annual 125-150+ page short fiction anthology that publishes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and any other speculative fiction that caught the editors' fancy. Every year we have a theme: 2009's theme is "Dark Glass".

Pays: .02 cents per word, plus one contributor copy.

Submit to: Send your story to this email addy. Please put your subject line in the format of "SUBMISSION: Story Title" so we can tell you apart from the spam.

We'll consider stories ONLY in the following formats:
.odt (OpenDocument Text -- format used by the suite) -- preferred format
.rtf (Rich Text Format -- generic document format that most word processors can create)
.doc (MS Word -- we're not crazy about it, but let's face it, it's the one most people actually use)

The anthology will be published in late July of 2009.


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