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Monday, January 12, 2009


Dead Bait Anthology

Severed Press seeks short stories for its new anthology, Dead Bait. Stories should have a Fishing or fish/sea life theme. Genetically altered Frankenfish, Zombie Whales sticking it to Japanese whalers, killer bass in secluded lakes, monsters from the deep, voodoo zombies from puffer fish toxins or maybe that tiny fish from the Amazon that swims up your wiener are just a few ideas. Stories can be based any where in the world and be salt or freshwater.

Payment: .01 cent per word, plus one author copy.

Length: Stories for anthologies should be between 2000-8000 words and be submitted with a brief Bio and a synopsis of your story in standard form as an attachment to

Please advise us if story has been published before.

Deadline: March 23, 2009



Open to science fiction and fantasy short fiction of up to 8,000 words.

Please send your manuscript mailed flat or folded no more than once, in standard MS format (double spaced, good margins, printed on one side of the paper), with a covering letter and adequate return postage (ie a stamped, self-addressed envelope). Overseas submissions should be disposable and accompanied by two IRCs or an email address which we’ll use to reply. All submissions must be in hard copy except during any specified email reading windows. If no such windows are listed here then we are currently not open to emailed submissions. Please don’t query about when we might be open to email submissions, just keep checking the guidelines and/or the forum. Unsolicited submissions sent by email at other times will be deleted. Never send simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions or reprints.

NB: if you receive a rejection from Interzone please don’t then submit that story to another of our magazines, as we will already have considered that option.

Payment: 3 pence per word