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Monday, January 19, 2009


Internet is still on wacky tobackee. It behaved for a whole two hours on Sunday which allowed me to tie up my online loose ends and get this post uploaded.


An Aussie anthology that seems to have a wonderful premise. I wish they had listed what rights they wanted to buy.

Everybody comes from somewhere, especially in Australia. Belong/A place called home seeks to explore the themes of immigration, including refugees and both sides of the migrant experience through the speculative genres. What makes people pack up their belongings and leave their homeland? What happens when they return as a tourist? How does it feel to grow up as a first generation resident of a new land? How does it feel to live in a land with a large migrant and multicultural population?

Belong, a two-volume sf anthology is scheduled for release in 2009. The anthology is open to unsolicited submissions until 31 May 2009.


Comet Press is seeking short stories for an extreme horror anthology to be published in the summer of 2009 (trade paperback). We are looking for the most gruesome, disturbing, and scary tales imaginable. Dark humor is acceptable.

It isn't a requirement, but we would like to see some stories set in various times of past history. Including a historical or notorious figure, or legendary beast connected with that period would be a bonus. Old West, WWII Nazi Germany, Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Biblical Era, Medieval, Pre-civilization, etc.