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Saturday, January 17, 2009

State of Frustration

My internet decided to go awol on me and it's playing that old game where I never know whether it will stay up longer than 5 minutes when it does return. I am scrambling to answer emails in case I lose my connection again. I hope to catch up by Monday, but if you don't see anything from me by then, imagine me grumbling like a volcano and saying unkind things about my provider.

I would love an alternative to satellite. There has got to be something more reliable.

I miss Verizon FiOS. They took my calls 24/7 even when all I wanted to do was tweak Microsoft Outlook. And it was the fastest connection I've ever had. Nothing beats fiber optics.

On the bright side, when I am connected, I am reading the posts to a fascinating workshop on pirates, called "Bringing Pirates to Life". Cindy Vallar is a warehouse of information! Scroll down to the bottom of this link and you can see all her other workshops. I can highly recommend her! I even contacted my allies over at the Writers Guild of Texas and asked them to invite Cindy to speak to the group. She's that good.

Please visit her website. She's got a ton of information about pirates and the Scottish highlands and her workshops are extremely reasonable too.

The only good thing about being offline is that I can spend more time writing, so all is not lost. I am still working on a novel length critique (sorry it's taken so long, Margaret) and trying to work out the plot details to the sequel to Touch Of Fire. The sequel has taken a slightly different slant than I anticipated and I haven't yet decided if that's a good thing. It's become more suspense than strictly paranormal. Me, write suspense? Go figure.

I'll try to be back Monday if my internet will let me. But if anyone has any suggestions for internet access for rural areas, please shoot me an email. ...maybe I'll get it.


Mallory said...

My internet has been 'strange' for 3 years - one of my housemates has been trying to fix it through our house provider (technically my bill) - and over the years I've had to do some rewiring (the problem is a bad wire) story -

Anyway - I had my son go under the house and install a single dedicated wire from one outlet to the box.

Same problems - last night they decided it was my kitchen line - last night it cut off again.

No cookie. I think the problem is not my wiring. :)))

Maria Zannini said...

I wish I were tech smart--or very, very rich, so I can have a dedicated smart person fix my internet on command.