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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Holy moley! How many organizations do I belong to? This week I found out two of them still had the old email address. And now one of them won't let me update unless I can confirm it's me through my OLD email address. What a headache it's been.

I finally figured out the procedure they want me to use in order to allow me to change my email, but apparently it involves a dead chicken and a full moon.

I appreciate the care they're taking to keep my profile secure, but there must be an easier way. Poor chicken.


My niece has stepped up and is going to help me promote Touch Of Fire to the 20-25 year old group. The girl is definitely going in my will. LOL!


The wildlife in my neck of the woods is amazing. I'm afraid I'm going to have a very hard time keeping chickens. There are so many birds of prey. And vultures! I had no idea they were so big. So far I've seen hawks, owls, vultures, coyotes, deer, llamas, road runners, rabbits, the usual cows, horses and donkeys--and my neighbor's guineas. Still haven't seen the lions yet, but maybe someday I'll tag along with my neighbor and visit the lion lady.

Stop by tomorrow for my next installment on ConDFW.


Marianne Arkins said...

I am desperate for chickens -- but we have hawks nesting in the back, a fox who regularly visits my bird feeders, and a fisher cat I've seen slinking about (scary looking critters). We won't mention the bear.

So, yeah, no chickens here. Dang it.

Maria Zannini said...

At our old place, Greg actually built an aviary (a pen that was covered with wire on all sides including the roof). We had trouble with hawks and a pesky raccoon. That worked very well for as long as we had the chickens and ducks.

We sometimes let them free range when the dogs were with them too. Nobody bothers you if you have a rottweiler as a bodyguard. lol!

Do you think Dakota would be good with little animals or would she chase them down?

But BEARS! I don't know how to defend against that. Yikes!