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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Did you notice that I'm not posting a More For Less article? A couple of days ago I mentioned I might like to spin off my frugal tips to its own blog. It looks very probable now, but it likely won't start until April.

There's a matter of logistics. In April I should have more time, but I want to use it wisely. The frugal blog will probably only run once a week, unless there is an event in real time I need to talk about.

The writing blog will continue on a 2-3 post week, unless something is worth blogging about on off days.

This blog has always been geared toward writers. I think that will continue. But something happened recently that made me think about the general public.

Touch Of Fire has not come out in print yet, but recently I had mentioned it to a non-writer in a place of business. The next time I walked in there, a handful of people came up to me and started asking me about the book and for my business card. A couple of them even went the extra mile and visited my website and followed the link to the excerpt.

I was stunned at the attention, and it made me look more seriously into making my website geared toward the everyday reader—readers who aren't writers.

I can talk to you guys about writerly things and you know exactly what I mean. But non-writers aren't too interested in what Amazon is doing (most aren't even aware of the kerfluffle). They don't care about promotional venues or publishers closing shop.

Do you know what the people I visited wanted to talk about?

They wanted to know about the magic in Touch Of Fire. Since this was a futuristic fantasy, they wanted to know how I envisioned the future. They wanted to know about the characters.

Important stuff.

We authors worry so much about reviews and getting our names out that we forget that the regular reader is only interested in the story. Writers worry about passive sentences. Readers want to know what happens next.

This is what I call an epiphany.

So what will take place on Wednesdays here? Guest blogs!

If you are an author, editor, agent, bookseller, or anyone else in the publishing industry, I want to talk to you. If you want to reach all five of my readers and their imaginary friends, email me at mariazannini AT gmail DOT com. I will give you a forum to talk about writing stuff (or your pets). You get more blog space if you talk about your dog. *g*


Marianne Arkins said...

I can talk about my dog ad nauseum.... how much space do I get?


Maria Zannini said...

Yeah...I'm going to have to set limits on you. LOL!

Shelley Munro said...

Ooh, I like talking about my little dog. Did you know she was directly responsible for my first sale to Ellora's Cave?

Anonymous said...

One thing readers might like on a blog is little bits of extra story: the stuff you cut from the draft maybe or some backstory you wrote for yourself.

Maria Zannini said...

Shelly: Do tell. I can't get my dog to be responsible for anything except eating. LOL!

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Daw,

It's interesting that you said that because I am doing something new on the OWW newsletter. I am doing an interview with the author's MC where I asked for a little back story.

As a reader, I'd be interested in reading about things not necessarily found in the book.