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Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Books

No Markets today.

Instead I am bringing you a couple of ways to net yourself some free books.

If you're interested in doing some reviewing, HarperCollins has a program set up where they will send you books in the genres you're interested in. Join the HarperCollins First Look program to preview books in literary fiction, general fiction, suspense, biography, cookbooks, and other genres, for readers who make a difference – like you!

Each month, Advance Reading Editions (AREs) of great books by fabulous authors are offered that you will have the opportunity to review. Reviewers are selected at random, but you must register to be eligible. In joining the program you may select your favorite genres and we will let you know when a book in your preferred category is offered.

Random House has a program where selected few can email them and win a chance to receive the book they're currently hosting.

I don't know how often their selection changes. I suppose if the book du jour is of interest to you, it's okay, but it seems to require you visit their website regularly. Still, it's a free book if you are chosen. (I noticed they would not list how many people would receive a book.)

What could be better than learning about great new reads? GETTING FREE ADVANCE COPIES OF GREAT NEW READS!

Email us to request this book—(link on the site, upper left).

I find it interesting that big publishers are trying to lure readers through a grassroots movement interacting with the average reader person by person.

As a consumer, I am more likely to buy a book through the recommendation from an average reader over that of being on the NYT bestseller list. But maybe that's just me.

Does being on the bestseller list skew your buying habits? Or will you buy more readily or pass on a book because of a personal recommendation (or pan)?


Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks for the information, Maria!!

Maria Zannini said...

You're welcome, Maya.

And thank you for the shout out on Publishers Weekly blog. That was very sweet of you.

Marian said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the tips on Harper Collins and Random House! Harper Collins Canada offers a program where Canadian members can also request books for review, so I signed up for that.

Thomas Nelson also has a book review program for readers, and I'm a member of that. I've received three free books so far.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Marian!

Good to know. Free books are out there if you do a little digging.