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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad Boy Release

Somebody throw some cold water at me!
BAD BOY by Maya Reynolds is hot!

It releases today, so you must go to your local bookstore and buy it for your very own. I got the lowdown on this book before it ever hit market so I can promise you Maya went hotter and sexier than ever before.

This isn't your plain old erotica. This is erotica with suspense and danger. It's a Thriller with a capital T. And if you read Maya Reynolds faithfully, you know she won't disappoint. Here's a little excerpt from her blog.
Sometimes being bad feels really good.
As the owner and editor-in-chief of Heat, Dallas’ hottest new e-zine, Leah Reece will do anything to get her story, even venture into the shady underworld of 69, an erotic club which caters to the needs of those with enough money to get anything they want. Leah expected to get her scoop and run, but didn’t count on getting sidetracked by a sinful encounter with a dark and sultry bad boy.

Quin Perez is a bodyguard at 69. He can’t afford to lose his concentration for a second, but he can’t help lusting after the sexy editor who stumbles across his path. Now Quin is asking Leah questions she doesn’t want to answer—and making her do things she never dared.
Buy BAD BOY at your local Barnes & Nobles or online
Don't forget to bookmark Maya's blog too. If you go over there today be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday.