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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Linky Luv

In my effort to link more often and promote my fellow writers, here is today's Link-O-Rama and other drama.


My buddy, Sandra is hosting a little contest to get more followers on her blog. Yes, we know you all lurk on our blogs, but wouldn't it be friendlier to actually stand up and be acknowledged?

I'm giving you nuthin' but love on this blog if you follow me, but Sandra is giving away some real moola in the form of a B&N card to one lucky follower. Go over and be counted.

Oh, and if you tell her I sent you, she'll do a second random drawing too. The woman's a maniac!


Well, you know about my little bitty contest, right? Keep posting these magic words on any public forum: THE APOCALYPSE IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK, Buy Touch Of Fire by Maria Zannini. The more often you post-link about my book, the better your chances of winning a $100 prize package. Be sure you are sending me the links to your postings to countdown DOT apocalypse AT gmail DOT com.


For the price of a comment, Bianca D'Arc is giving away some swag-a-licious goodies. Hurry, over and comment and tell her your favorite sub-genre(s) of romance and why.

And the drama...

Death comes in the color of wilt. We had a surprise freeze down here and it destroyed a good dozen plants. Most of my lovelies were covered, but I ran out of plastic toward the end and I knew some would have to be sacrificed. I wish I had paid more attention to who got left out. I lost a few of my plum tomatoes. Drat!

Still no dogs yet, but I think we are getting closer. We got a lead on two rotties and newborn Australian shepherds. We weren't looking for babies, but I can handle them now that I'm home. I'll wait a few more weeks to get a better idea on how their markings will manifest.


We are the proud parents of a second tractor. You think you had labor pains! I had to write the check!


So what's new at your house? Contests, releases, good gossip? Post it here and we'll pass it around.


catie said...

I promise to come back later today & share Maria. Right now I gotta hit the sack. :)

Kaz Augustin said...

I know you have more readers than I do, M ;), so I'll shamelessly plug via you! LOL

If anybody visiting likes pirates, spaceships and a reverse Pygmalion plot (where it's the woman teaching the man how to behave), then feel free to direct your browsers here for a sneak peek. The release, through Total-E-Bound, is due 04-May.

Maria Zannini said...

Holy cow, Catie! Why on Earth haven't you collapsed if you've not been to bed?

Sleep, woman! LOL! Dream of big contracts and paparazzi. We'll talk later.

Maria Zannini said...


Glad you mentioned the pirate book. Okay, everyone, listen up. Kaz Augustin is a phenomenal story teller. I think I've read all her books, so you must buy A PIRATE'S PASSION.

I have a soft spot for pirates (I'll tell you why on some other day.) and I know I'm not alone. There are so few good pirate stories out there. This one, I promise you, will be one of the good ones. Kaz has never let me down.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the link, Maria! Aren't all writers maniacs? ;)

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Sandra!

Ref: Aren't all writers maniacs?

Why, yes. Yes they are. It's part of the manifesto.

J.K. Coi said...

Yay for the tractor :)

My best friend is expecting a baby any MINUTE and I'm very excited!

Hmm, I can't seem to get started on my next book.

...BUT I did get a fabulous review for Immortal Kiss :)

Shelley Munro said...

A tractor always comes in handy. :)
I think winter has finally arrived here in NZ. I had to dig out my jeans and put on a pair of socks tonight. On the plus side, it's good writing weather.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi JK!

I did see that review! WOOT! --And I'm not surprised. Go you!

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Shelley,

>>On the plus side, it's good writing weather.

I agree. Winter is better for writing. :o)

On the other side of the world we are finally thawing out from our winter. Less writing, more walking.