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Monday, April 20, 2009


New Author Contest

Simon & Schuster and Cheerios Cereal is sponsoring its third annual New Author Contest for previously unpublished authors of children's books. Entries are being accepted through July 15, 2009 and the winner will be announced in March 2010. There is no cost to enter. The Grand Prize is $5000, with two first prizes of $1000 each.

Submit an original story for children ages 3-8. The contest is open to any United States resident who is age 18 or older who has never received payment for a work of fiction in any format.


Chimeraworld #6

For Chimeraworld #6, I want stories depicting THE WORLD AFTER THE COMING REVOLUTION, as mankind returns to a life stripped of Capitalism and Mass Media Propaganda. Is this a worse or a better world, without the Google-fuelled glare of the bankers dictating every move you make? I want insane stories about a travelling life, a journey through real freedom. I want uncensored stories about chaos, uncertainty and anarchy. I want enlightening stories about how the world deals with no money, no banks and no business loans.

I want your story of how yourself and your family get by once everything you know about Modern Society has been eradicated, when the Global Elite's power grab has been exposed and has failed in spectacular fashion. I want stories about life after global brain-washing, stories of life filled with compassion and promise that one day we'll be embraced by the wider society of our galaxy. What was your part in the revolution and how you made a difference to the new world disorder?

I want Chimeraworld #6 to be a testament to the awakening of mankind, stories about immersion in the galactic melting pot – hardcore experimentation, dimensional travel, body-swapping with alien races, DNA bartering, galactic superheroes, real cultural exchange. Everything is permitted. Nothing is a crime. Surrealism is your saviour.

Chimeraworld #6 (new world disorder) will be published by Chimericana Books, late 2009 in American format 6" by 9" trade paperback.

Word count: 2,000–4,000 words, strict.

Payment: £10.00UK (approx $20.00US).

Esubs: only to (remove the dots in m.i.k.e. ).

Format: Rich Text Format only.

Font: Times Roman, 12 point, single space.

Add postal address, email and word count to first page.

Add 50–100 word bio after THE END.