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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloggy Buffet

I'm in a quandary. As some of you know, I am planning on spinning off a second blog about the homesteading life, as well as tips on saving serious moolah.

I can write all day long about life of a back-to-the-lander. I think those stories will be fun and quirky all by themselves, but I don't want it to diminish my blogging about writerly stuff. And while I originally planned on writing two blogs with posts on alternate days, I am thinking more and more about creating one almighty blog that divides the week between writerly topics and day in the life stories.

Lynn Viehl does a pretty good job of that, as does Marianne Arkins and Shelley Munro.

In my Spock-logic thinking, I imagined two blogs could reach two different audiences and that's a good thing, but when I think about the blogs I like most, they are usually the ones that speak not only about the business, but also about what's going on in their lives.

I'm still on the fence, but I am leaning toward one blog now. There will be lots more pictures, anecdotes and me re-learning how to live in the country. It's been 20 years! I promise you hilarity will ensue--and injuries. Lots of injuries. I am the poster child for klutzes.

Killer Campaigns

We are on the cusp of finishing up this series. I suspect another couple of months and we'll be done unless I think of something new. Is there anything marketing related you'd like to see?

Anything else you might be interested in reading about on this blog? According to my stats, Markets are a big draw, but for some reason, the dog posts bring in the most people. Go figure.


I need some. I contacted the people I knew bought TOUCH OF FIRE and asked if they would write a review if they liked it.

If you've read TOUCH OF FIRE and enjoyed it, I'd be ever so grateful if you said a few kind words on its behalf.

Here are some review sites where you can say a few inspiring syllables.



I was reading something the other day about "The Greatest Job in the World".

Some 34,000+ people applied for a job that asked you to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef for six months and report back to Tourism Queensland and the world.

While I am hugely jealous and congratulatory to the winner, one Ben Southall, I couldn't help but shudder at the media clown that he and others had to become in order to win this job.
The number of applicants was cut to a top 50 who competed to develop online followers, holding stunts to promote themselves that included scuba diving in a tank in an Amsterdam square and riding the London Tube in scuba gear.

I think my favorite job was when I worked as a veterinary anesthesiologist. I learned so much from a man who wanted to mentor. He almost talked me into becoming a veterinarian.

Your Turn:
What's the best job you've ever had?

PS Don't forget that I am giving away a copy of "A Pirate's Passion" for comments posted here.


Marianne Arkins said...

Is it wrong I feel all tingly being lumped in with Lynn Viehl and Shelly Munro? LOL...

I think one blog would be best, to be honest. And, if you alternate days if someone is only interested in one part, they'll know when to check. As for me? I love to read about the people: lives, loves, wildlife (except maybe voles)...


Maria Zannini said...

Oh, the voles!! Poor, Marianne. I do not envy the burden you bear.

Guys, if you really want to read a tale of woe, visit Marianne's site and read about her ongoing battle with voles.

catie said...

I'm totally on board with one ginormous, multi-function, alternate topic/post days blog. I mean, people are more than just one thing; all this compartmentalizing just isn't healthy.