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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Michelle Miles had an interesting post recently on the three words that described her both when she was in grade school and now. How people view us can change over the years, but I think the elements of what describes us are always with us.

My grade school teachers often described me as shy, quiet, and studious. But people nowadays tend to label me as determined, dependable and demanding. That makes me a triple D threat. :o)

Those early traits evolved into Determined/Dependable/Demanding. I was shy and quiet because I could neither speak nor read English very well, which subsequently forced me to be studious.

That same work ethic taught me to be determined. It's not in my nature to give up.

And because I am so demanding of myself, I tend to expect as much from others.

The dependable part is a side effect of the other two traits. Staying the course to reach my goals has made me steadfast and reliable to the nth degree.

Still…if I could change myself I know which three words I would like describe me. If my fairy godmother could wave her magic wand I would like to be articulate, charismatic and charming.

Even though I speak and write English fluently now, I've never felt particularly articulate.

Charisma is another pipe dream. I don't have it in me to be charismatic, and perhaps because of that I like to write about characters who are. I am also insanely jealous of charismatic people. My best friend falls into that category. If I could inject myself with one ounce of her people power I would be giddy to the gills.

As for charming…

Cue crickets chirping. :o)

What three things describe you? What would you like differently?


Mike Keyton said...

Happiness trumps everything