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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Email Wonky

I am 300 miles from my computer and for some reason, I can't access my home email. If you need to reach me, try the gmail account. That always travels with me.

Killer Campaigns will be late tomorrow. I'll try to get to it in the morning, but it might be later in the afternoon.

We are narrowing the field of names for Puppy. I hope it's soon. I'm tired of calling him, Hey, You.

He is learning fast! The doggie door has been a formidable barrier being double insulated and magnetically sealed, but he's learned to push through when he wants to be outdoors.

And he runs to the house door when he wants to go out too. Lordy! Is he getting housetrained already?

Please let it be. Then my sleepless nights will not have been in vain.