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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slush Reader Needed

The very excellent and wonderful John Klima is in need of a couple of slush readers for Electric Velocipede.

EV is a sci-fi ezine of the highest caliber. I work with John through the OWW Newsletter. Every month he turns in an Editor's Choice Review for a current story that's on the workshop and he is both eloquent and articulate when teaching writers how to make a story better.

So if you have a little time and would like to contribute to the SF community, you might want contact John or his assistant Anne. See the blog for details on contact information.


Duh. I forgot to post the winner of my contest. I already contacted Becky101 and shipped her prizes.

I learned a few things while doing this contest. Even though I thought the instructions were pretty simple, a lot of people didn't follow through. It also didn't get as much exposure as I'd hoped.

Live and learn. I'm not totally convinced contests are useful unless it's a really big prize. And how many of us can afford that?

Still, I'm grateful to those of you who mentioned my book or blog. May good karma never find the way out your door.

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