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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hermit Speaks

If this appears when it's supposed to, you should be seeing this while I'm in hot and humid SE Texas, remodeling 'Greg's' house.

That poor little house needs a lot of TLC. The two hurricanes we endured took their toll. The house and the land look like they had been raped. Not much we can do about the land, but the house we can fix.

I suspect it will take the better part of a year to get it done. I started with the most important room first, the bedroom. I'll tackle the rest of the rooms as time and money permits. It's hard to explain what's wrong with the house. Basically, it's old and tired looking. --perhaps more like me than I'd like to admit. LOL!

The bedroom is looking very nice. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and Greg put in a new floor. When I get there, (which should have been Monday), all we have to do is move the bed and furniture in.


Iko, the wonder puppy, had his manhood and dewclaws removed last week. Right now he is wearing that horrible Elizabethan collar they put on pets to keep them from chewing on their stitches. The surgery never slowed that rascal one bit. He was hungry and ready to roll when we picked him up.


Since Iko arrived, Tank has been rechristened St. Tank. The big guy is so gentle and polite, even when monster puppy plays rough. That little heathen is lucky Tank is so sweet-tempered. Those aren't pretend teeth in Tank's mouth. He could hurt someone if he was so inclined.


I had several people write me about the radio interview I did on KS Augustin's show. They said I sounded interesting and funny! I almost choked from laughing.

It's all an act, folks. I am a hermit with a limp. People just happen to find that funny.


I have joined Red Room, Goodreads, and F Reado but know next to nothing about them. I kind of like The Red Room, but Goodreads makes it difficult to find stuff. F Reado seems useful, but I haven't figured out how to make a pdf out of Touch Of Fire's first chapter.

How about you? Are there any reader-based groups you recommend? --Sites that aren't too cumbersome to navigate?

What I'd like to do is settle on ONE reader-led social group and make it home. I don't have the time or energy to spend on all these sites, but I wouldn't mind focusing on one good site that makes me feel welcome and offers intelligent discussion on books.

Any suggestions?