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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yay For a Day of Rest

This week feels like a blur. We finished the bedroom at Zannini South as well as a hallway. My next project will be the hardest one, refinishing the (former) master bedroom. It was ill designed from the start and it didn't improve with age. Ratty paneling, low ceiling and an ugly floor.

The original plan was to demolish the old house and build a new one right behind it, but then we found our perfect home in the boonies of north Texas and the plan was shelved, putting all our efforts into the new house.

We want to make the house in south Texas sellable, but not with a total remodel, so our fixes will primarily be paint and new flooring. I'd like to think that in a couple of years when we do sell this house that a nice young couple will want it for their homestead. Land in that area has become valuable. Chances are, developers will most likely snatch it up, but I still have hopes for a young couple with a dream. That's how we started out.

It's a great place to farm and raise animals. It's fenced and cross-fenced, with running water to all the pens and garden. And it has a shop that any handyman would kill for. Greg did a fantastic job building a 30' x 50' shop almost entirely by himself. It is awesome even 20 years later.

I have to admit of all the places we've lived at, I'll miss Zannini south the most. When we bought it back in '86, it was a dingy little house on land so thick with pine trees and brush I got lost on my own property. We still have a lot of trees (more than our neighbors) but there are also a lot of improvements--all done with sweat, blood and machetes. (we couldn't afford a tractor)

I'm really proud of what we accomplished all by our lonesome.


Iko no longer wears that horrid Elizabethan collar. He's a wild dog now, grateful to be free of that restraint. We've discovered he's a real drama queen though. He put on quite a show when it came time to remove his stitches. You’d think someone was killing him.

The vet and I held him down until he quit his yowling (about 15 minutes worth) before proceeding. I've noticed that 15 minutes is the little guy's threshold. If you can outlast him for that long, he'll submit.

Son of a gun!


The garden is nearly spent except for the hot weather plants like okra and squash. I have one lone watermelon going too. I snipped off some shoots from my healthiest tomato plants and started them in some containers. I'm going to see if I can keep them going all year.

I tried sprouting a few of the remaining potatoes but since I had to be away for a week, they didn't get any of the rain that was promised. Looks like they are DOA.

Next week, weather permitting we'll be lighting a big bonfire of brush that I've been accumulating. It ought to be grand. I'll try to remember to take some pictures.

A productive week, but tiring. My joints were so stiff, I had to take the prescription stuff to keep me going.