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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Stuff & Housekeeping

Here's another one of my frugal secrets. I haven't bought a single magazine since I moved here in October.

Through various websites, blogs and friends, I've learned to locate magazine offers that are free or nearly free. Magazines make their money off advertising revenue. Subscriptions are really the gravy. That's why you should never pay full price for a magazine subscription. Someone, somewhere has it on discount or free.

This week I found:

Food & Wine Magazine - Free subscription. It says something about a purchase, but I signed up with no problems.

Field & Stream - Free subscription

Taste of Home - Normally, I won't list anything but free stuff here, but Taste of Home is an especially good recipe magazine--certainly worth the $2 for a year's subscription. I got this magazine for free last year, but haven't seen it offered free since. If you like to cook, this is worth a try.

To sweeten the deal, Taste of Home also has 25 free downloads of past magazines. There is no purchase necessary, just download and read.


Housekeeping News: Missing Emails

I'm a little worried that some emails aren't reaching me. A few get through, but not as many as I usually get. And since I'm not sitting at my desk as much as normal, I don't see emails as they arrive anymore.

For the last few days I've been within earshot of my computer and I heard that email 'beep' go off several times, yet when I came to check, there were no messages.


I checked my spam folder. Nothing.

I checked for unread emails. Nothing recent.

Could I have been hearing things. :shrugs:

If you sent me an email in the past month that should have deserved an answer and didn't get one, contact me again through my gmail account. (that's the one on this blog's profile page)

I really hope they're not simply vanishing. Since I'm on this new computer there are still some strange anomalies that I haven't gotten used to yet. But I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them. I always answer my email.


One last note: The post, Prudent Penny: Saving Money did cause a bit of a stir and received a lot of hits but few comments. One person who commented, did so anonymously. He didn't say anything inappropriate, but I must insist that if you post, you must sign your name (or blog moniker).

We're all blogger friends here. If you have an opinion I want to hear it, but please let me know who you are first, otherwise it comes off as a drive by shooting. Thanks!


Jennifer Shirk said...

I love Taste of Home magazine!

I love Cooking Light, too, but I'm waiting for a deal on that.

Maria Zannini said...

Both are great! I call myself a guerilla cook, which means I can promise edible, but not necessarily fabulous. Taste of Home makes it a lot easier for me. :grin:

Marianne Arkins said...

Taste of Home is awesome... but I check them out at the library and copy down any recipes that sound good. Yes, I'm that cheap.

And I get nearly all my magazines from Best Deals Magazines. They're typically very cheap and BDM constantly sends out 18% off coupons. Also, if I subscribe to my mags using Best Deals Magazined through my eBates site, I get $$ back, too. *G*

So, it may not be free (DD loves magazines), but it's as cheap as I can get it.

Maria Zannini said...

Try the free pdfs link. What I especially like about the digital version is that it has a search function.