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Monday, September 28, 2009

Promo Ideas at Novel Spaces

No markets today. I am back at Zannini south, stripping two layers of old tiles down to bare sub floor. If there is any justice in the world there will be a big chocklit cake waiting for me when this nightmare is over.

Greg and I were on the floor with crowbar and mallet, SCRAPING old vinyl tiles one inch at a time. We'd been at it for hours, both of us muttering and groaning, wishing there was some easier way to do this when we looked at each other at the exact same moment. You could see that stupid light bulb appear over both our heads.

He did have a way to do it faster. A tool I bought him only a few months ago! A fancy German job with a pedigree and price to match.

He scrambled up to get that roto zippy thingamajig and sure enough, Skippy, it does the job just fine. By this time our hands and knees were hamburger and I told him, let's wait to finish the room tomorrow.

Anyway...while I'm nursing my wounds, let me point you to Novel Spaces, where I have another super-duper post on promoting yourself.

I get asked with some regularity to guest blog, but because of my crazy schedule I usually have to decline. But Liane Spicer of Novel Spaces was very gracious and gave me a choice of dates. I've been following Novel Spaces for some time now and they always have great content and interesting posts, all from published and established authors. I was thrilled to be included in their lineup.

Pop over and visit. And leave me a comment so I know you still love me. That's at least as good as chocklit cake--and better for my waistline.


catie james said...

Awww, I still wish you a magical chocklit cake when you arrive home! *Pops away to other post*