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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This 'n That

This morning I asked my email provider why I can't ever access my email whenever I'm away from my home base, and there was no explanation other than maybe there's a file somewhere that's corrupt. All he can do is delete the mail box and reinstall it.

Delete. My. Mailbox.

He says I can save my emails on Microsoft or Mozilla servers, but that seems like an awful lot of trouble just to fix a glitch. And we're not really fixing the glitch, we're starting over.


Meanhwile I am painting a room while Greg is off being feted by his company for 35 years of service. It's a big deal to have someone work at the same place for that long. There's going to be bbq, cake and speeches. ...the wife was not invited. Humph!

That's okay. I have plenty to keep me busy. Chemical plants aren't generally open to the public because of the dangerous chemicals in use there. But I was there once when this particular plant first opened at the Texas site. It's an amazing facility. I am very proud of the work Greg does. He keeps things (and people) from going BOOM.

Along with his regular supervising job, he is also a first responder. He's the incident commander for the emergency response team. The emergency can be anything from a fire to a hurricane. I worry about him when he has to put on his first responder hat, but he's the smartest guy I know, and I feel safe knowing he's in charge. He'll move heaven and earth to make sure no one goes BOOM on his watch.


I'm here for a few more days and wouldn't you know it, the owner of an indie bookstore read my book, Touch Of Fire and asked me to participate in a booksigning.

Me! At a booksigning. And at one of the neatest bookstores I've ever been at.

I hope she keeps me in mind for next time. I'd love to participate.


Back to work for me. Email me at the gmail account if you have to reach me.


Kaz Augustin said...

Squee! A booksigning! When I ran my own indie bookshop, I *adored* organising booksignings. Get out there, girl, and do your thang! :)

Shelley Munro said...

Wow, 35 years is a long time. My longest time at one job was 11 years.

A booksigning sounds like fun. Grab the opportunity. We don't have them over here, except if you're a really big name or very famous!