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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almost a Book Signing

I had the best time last Saturday at a booksigning I was supposed to attend as a participant. Instead I showed up as a fan.

I met four authors, all with unique backgrounds and stories. There was Amanda Guzman who shared in the anthology, Footprints, edited by Jay Lake and Eric T. Reynolds. (Amanda, if you read this, I tried to contact you, but your LiveJournal blog wouldn't allow comments by non LJers and you didn't have an email addy.) Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you!

There was also Erin Collins who wrote Shadow Walk: The Gathering. This had a neat premise since the story is written from the pov of Lucifer. I think Erin described it as a supernatural thriller.

On the other side was Tim Knight, a minister who wrote a nonfiction book on the tragedy that befell his brother and how it changed them both.

And last but not least, April Slaughter who literally slayed me when she started talking about one of my favorite subjects, paranormal investigation. She heads up the Paranormal Source, an investigative group that looks into hauntings and other phenomena. Her book, "Ghosthunting Texas" is about all the cool eerie places Texas has to offer.

I really wish I had been able to attend this signing. Everyone was so friendly and people were actually BUYING books by the armload. It really seemed like a party atmosphere.

The bookshop owner is going to do this again in the spring, so I hope she remembers me.

I did hand out my business card to everyone and of course, they loved my book cover. And why not? It rocks!


Red Garnier said...

Maria, oooh, that sounds like an awesome booksinging. I've never done one before but hopefully next year I'll find my big girl pants and do it. Your cover rocks!!!

Maria Zannini said...

Hiya Red!

You of all people should have had a dozen signings by now. Get out there, woman!

Kara said...

So glad you enjoyed Books & Crannies, and of course, our author April Slaughter!

The woman on your book cover (which is very cool) looks like Evangeline Lilly... is it?!

Maria Zannini said...

I loved April!

Ref: cover least I don't think so. I think the artist pulled it from a photo service.

Thanks for popping in!