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Monday, October 19, 2009


Not So Cynical Christmas Contest

What we want in our stockings this year is for you to write uplifting stories, stories of hope and stories of peace. We want stories about love, joy and the spirit of the season. If you've wanted to write that masterpiece about the fluffy white snow bunny that saved Kwanzaa, now's your chance! If you think you can bring us the holiday cheer this season then please help us! We're so desperate for a little holiday cheer, we might even pay you for it!

That's right folks, for a limited time only, submissions that we deem to be the best have a chance of winning up to seventy-five US dollars. That's right baby! What's more in the spirit of the holidays than us giving you some greenbacks -- See? Even money is Christmassy. It's green like the tree.

Deadline: November 19, 2009

Short Stories under 8000 words.

Each short story will be judged on the following:
Optimistic Holiday
Writing Talent

Prizes: $75 for first place. 2nd Place: $50. 3rd Place: $ 25.