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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dirt & Dogs

It's supposed to rain today, so I wrangled Greg on his one day off over the weekend to roto-till my garden and move the rest of my compost.

Of course, the roto-tiller decided it didn't feel like running that day.

I'm glad Greg is so mechanical. God knows how broke I'd be without him. LOL. He fixed it, after we drove for miles looking for a belt for it.

We bought a Troy-Bilt tiller about 25 years ago. We have NEVER changed the oil, the filter, or any of the belts. When Troy-Bilt says it last, it lasts! I guess it's time the poor thing got a real tune up. It deserves it. We've abused it enough.

Greg fixed it and got back to tilling. He nearly finished when out comes a slow gusher in the middle of the field. The original owner put a water pipe in the middle of the garden. Oy! We never hit it the first time we tilled last spring, but now that we've been amending the soil, we can till more than 18 inches deep and that's how we hit it.

I dug out the pipe and Greg put in a new end piece and valve. We plan to put in a new irrigation system--just not in the middle of the garden.

It made for a very long day, but we did get a lot accomplished. We tilled compost into the greenhouse and put in a few plants. I'm not too worried about getting the greenhouse covered in plastic just yet because the weather is still in the 70s.

For a short weekend, we got a lot done. We even managed to check out some adoptable dogs.

had a pet adoption weekend going on and we searched in vain for my Australian shepherd. One came close. But it was a boy, and I really want a girl.

While I prefer to adopt a rescue, I am tired of waiting for my girl to show up, so I have relented and put Greg on the hunt for an Aussie puppy. She does not have to be pure bred. What I'm looking for is a dog that likes to be outside with me and has the herding instinct (for the future goats).

Chelly, my beautiful girl was on the shy side, but as tough as nails when it came to herding and keeping me safe (from the other pushy siblings in our pack). I loved that about her. I was her girl and she was mine.

Lately, I've been dreaming about Chelly a lot. I don't know why.

And to make things spookier, a few days ago I was at my desk and there was a distinct dog-sized shadow that hopped over my feet. The boys were in the other room, and the only dog who ever sat by my feet when I worked was Chelly. I sat there staring under my desk, hoping I hadn't imagined it.

At long last I got up to feed dogs. As I walked down the hallway, I called behind me and said: "Come on, Chelly. Time to eat."

I was hoping maybe that would bring her back for a visit. :o)

I still miss her.


Marianne Arkins said...

Awww... so sweet about Chelly. **sniff**

Maria Zannini said...

She was one in a million.

PS Thank you for your email.

catie james said...

Man, you two got a lot of work done!

I know exactly what you mean w/regards to your relationship w/Chelly. My poochie's been gone for six years now and I still ache for my lil' girl's company.

Maria Zannini said...

Catie: This is why I look a hundred and four. LOL.