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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Iko, The Scorpion King

Iko, the wonder puppy has proven his worth.

Ever since he was a little bitty puppy, Iko's been very aware of his surroundings. Nothing escapes his notice. He's called my attention to frogs and turtles in his dog run and the wild guineas that race through the forest.

It's a unique bark and I've learned to pay attention when he uses it.

Yesterday, he earned his place as an honored member of the family. I had the back door and the garage door opened a good hunk of the day since yesterday's job was to clean out the garage and empty the last three boxes left from my move. (I know, they should have been emptied months ago, but there was nothing important in them so I just left them by the wayside.)

That night as I chatted with Greg over the phone, Iko started barking. It was his usual warning bark that says: Hey, mom, look at this. I don't think he should be in here.

And he was right.

Like the turtle, the frog and the guinea hens that have crossed his path, this definitely did not belong. He barked without stopping and followed dutifully after a scorpion that was racing across my studio floor.

Bad scorpion. Maria must kill you now.

I'd show you a picture of the scorpion, but he's all flat and squishy. So instead I'll show you a picture of my Scorpion King, Iko. My hero.

I need to get him weighed this weekend. I'd say he's at least 50lbs now. He's the first dog we've ever had that hasn't gone through that gangly teenage stage. The little guy is a solid mass of muscle.

Tank still handles the BIG bad things, but Iko is now my go-to guy for the poisonous little things.

Of course, he got a cookie for his trouble and an open invitation to sleep on my bed.


damselfly said...

He was always gorgeous, but he's really starting to grow into the distinguished dog he's going to be, isn't he?

You are not helping me in my "I must not buy a dog! I must not buy a dog!" lifestyle ;)

Maria Zannini said...

LOL! Oh, but you must. You must. Unlike spouses, dogs listen attentively and they don't complain when you switch what's on the telly.

damselfly said...

Sadly, I live in a flat which has a no-pets policy. Until that changes, or I move, no puppies for me :(

(I fear I may soon resort to puppynapping out of desperation.)

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: no-pets policy

Bummer. That's inhuman. We lived in an apartment once that had recently placed a no pets policy just before we moved in, but the tenants who already had pets were grandfathered in.

I spent company with a basset hound who always seemed to show up when I was at the pool.

Marianne Arkins said...

He's getting to be so handsome :-)

Dakota is our "bug dog". I found her staring at the pantry door once and knew something was up... I opened it and found a HUGE ant crawling around.

Good dog.

Maria Zannini said...

They have such good hearing. And when they're young, they're curious about everything.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, look at that face! He's gorgeous! And a good protecter. LOL

Maria Zannini said...

Jennifer: I kept threatening to sell him to the circus because he kept taking my pillows as chew toys, but he's been remarkably well behaved for the last three weeks and now this.

I guess I'll keep him after all. :o)

Kaz Augustin said...

OMG! He's grown so much, hasn't he?? Sausage, otoh, who is 5 months old today still looks like, er, a long giant head-thing on 4 chopsticks. About time I did a follow-up blog on her, huh? ;)

Maria Zannini said...

Yes! Sausage needs an update.

Iko is about 7 months old now. I see him all the time so I don't realize how big he's gotten--until he jumps on my lap. LOL.

mlima007 said...

Hey .. don't you know that scorpions are delicious?? Why don't you try one? Fire up that grill and roast a few :o) I'm so proud of the "baby"!!

Maria Zannini said...

Ha! I'll tell you what, Mel. Come over for Thanksgiving and I'll roast a few for appetizers. You eat first.

It's hard to believe he was once that sickly little puppy.

catie james said...

Aw Iko! He & Tank do their momma proud. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Catie: Indeed they do. They're good boys.

Marian said...

I still think the "For sale : Bad Dog" pic is cuter, but he's definitely handsome in this one. And a stalwart protector of house and home too. :)

Maria Zannini said...

He was a cute baby, but he's remarkably handsome for a teenager. Usually they go through that long legs and skinny body phase. All bark and no brains. But he's coming along well.