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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day Stressors

It's the day before Thanksgiving and not only has my clothes dryer died, but the keypad to both my ovens are not responding.

The dining chairs I have been waiting to go on sale ALL year have gone down to an incredible steal--but only for one day--Thanksgiving. Who opens their stores on Thanksgiving!

And finally, Greg tells me we must go shopping for a home entertainment system. I had promised him and now he calling in my note. [Maria looks up to heaven and asks, why now.]

Am I stressed?

Well, maybe the ovens have me a little concerned.

-I can line dry until I get my dryer.
-Greg can order his entertainment system online.
-And I know he will be a dear and buy my chairs on his own, while I tend hearth and home.

But the ovens... If push comes to shove, we might have to barbeque our turkey this year. LOL.

Maria, always with a backup plan.

Wish me luck!


Mike Keyton said...

Line drying is far superior to machine drying. Clothes have a nicer air and sun smell - and it's greener. Moreover you have less excuse not to line dry with your fine Texas weather - try doing it in Wales...though that might not be very practical for you :)

Envious about the home entertainment system though :(

Maria Zannini said...

It's starting to get a little cool here, so it's taking longer to dry, but I do like it.

Ref: entertainment system
I guess it'll be okay. I am not that fussy about these things, but Greg loves his sound.

We watch a lot of movies at home now, so I can justify the expense. Better than going out to the movies--no sticky floors.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving, Maria :-) Hopefully the stresses will sort themselves out
Suzanne xx

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

Stress gives me character. You can see it all over my face. LOL!

Red Garnier said...

LOL!! I'm always up for grilled turkey, too. :) Goodluck, Maria! And whatever you do, have a happy one.

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm not sure... but the oven thing might have pushed me over the edge. I've been without a dryer before (hung the clothes on wooden dryers in the house) -- but no oven on Thanksgiving?


Hope your day is happy!

Maria Zannini said...

The ovens work...kinda.
I have to set it five or six times. The oven gets the message to turn on, but it acts as if the delay between control and sensor is too long, so it shuts off.

If I stand there and keep resetting, eventually it works--so far. :o)

Maria Zannini said...

Hiya Red!

I found a recipe for grilled turkey. It looked rather good actually--but I'd hate to try something new with guests coming.