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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cooking, Then Canterville

Still out of contact, but you can still reach me at my gmail account. The weird thing is I can access my dysfunctional email server and I can see how many emails are waiting for me. (last count: 176 emails) But it won't let me open the folder.

My provider says it's a glitch. Hmm...ya think?

Guess I know what I'll be doing when I get home--which will be quite a few more days from now.

The dogs will not stay still long enough to take a good picture with all three of them together. If they're sleeping, they're in separate corners. But if they're up, all three want to defy the time/space continuum and play like linebackers caught in a gravity well--even the little one who has no clue that the other two behemoths can crush her if they step on her. So I constantly have to supervise so she doesn't get too rowdy with them.

I gotta hand it to Princess though. She gives as good as she gets. And while Tank is cautious and is wary about where he steps, Iko is not so careful. He's the one I worry will step on her.

Greg's going to try his camera tomorrow. It's faster than mine and maybe we can catch them while they're flying by in a blur.

Much as I don't want to smell any more food, (still a bit queasy) I need to cook for man and beast today. Freezable make-ahead meals for the husband and chicken for the dogs. Then I'm going to lay down and watch The Canterville Ghost--the original with Charles Laughton.

I love that movie! Has anyone else seen it?


Dru said...

I haven't seen the original The Canterville Ghost in a long time. Enjoy!

Maria Zannini said...

Give me ghosts and old English castles any day.