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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Glad I'm Not a Horse

I have been on overdrive lately. Newsletters to put out, home projects to get done, stories to write. This time of the month is always the busiest for me. That's usually when my deadline projects are due.

I decided to get my knee fixed. (next month) It'll be arthoscopic surgery and the doc tells me I should be able to walk the next day. Yay! Greg, of course, doesn't believe me and he's ready to put me under restraints. hmm...I wonder if he has ulterior motives for those restraints.

Anyway, I'm hoping this surgery will alleviate some of the pain. The surgeon refused to offer any guarantees since that knee also has quite a bit of arthritis, but I figure, the other knee must be just as arthritic, and it hardly bothers me at all. If he could clean up the tear in my bad leg, it's got to offer some improvement.

The knee injury was a parting gift from the last house. We were in a bind and HAD to move out our stuff that day. Worse yet, we still had no house to move it to. We lost the movers we contracted because our move date changed at the last minute. It was up to us to move an entire house full of furniture.

I was doing so well too--up until we moved the giant curio cabinet. I could feel my knee pop and I dragged it behind me like Quasimodo ever after. How I managed to keep going, I'll never know. That darn injury has been my constant companion since then.

I still haven't found a fix for the soft tissue damage that prevents me from sitting for very long. Drugs don't help and neither has physical therapy. I have two choices left to me. I'm trying the less expensive one first. The other option scares me. That one means a spine surgeon.

One injury at a time, right? Glad I'm not a horse. I'd be glue by now.


Judging by the huge spike in traffic the last few days, people must be interested in the return of Killer Campaigns, even though very few of you spoke up. What gives? Don't tell me you're shy! I'm doing this as much for the authors out there as myself. And if this is going to be a collaborative effort I need to hear from you. I'm feeling unloved. ;o)


On top of my regular projects this week, I also painted the garage interior. It looks nice and bright. The garage is so weird. Not only did the builders sheet-rock it, but they textured it with a pebble finish then added molding as if it were another finished room. It looks too fancy for car storage. LOL.

This week, I'd like to start some seedlings. I promised myself I wouldn't jump the gun and plant too early. They can take their sweet time growing in their little pots. I won't transplant them until April.

I don't plan on growing anything exotic this year, though if we can get the irrigation set up for the back 40, I'd like to plant corn and sunflowers. I also promised my friend, Mel, that I'd try to grow some ornamental gourds so we can paint them for Christmas decorations. (more on this later) --I just have to find a free spot for a trellis. Gourds take up a lot of room.

So what's new with you? Any plans for the week or are you winging it?


Dru said...

Good luck on your upcoming knee surgery. It is amazing how quickly we heal from surgeries lately.

I'm working on two quilting projects this week but before I start I need to visit the quilt shop and pick up fabric.

Have a good Sunday.

Maria Zannini said...

2 quilting projects at a time? Wow! It'd take me all day just to thread a needle. LOL.

Looking forward to watching your progress.

BeckySue said...

Sorry to hear of your knee issues. My boyfriend Dave's mom had to have knee replacement last year. It is so amazing what they can do now. She was up and about in just a couple of days and is doing just great--this after years of knee problems.

Gourds are so much fun! I had one that grew through my lattice and then dried that way. I sort of thought it would rot, but it didn't. It was so neat looking I figured someone would want to craft it into something unique so I cut it out of the lattice while still leaving the gourd attached and then posted it on ebay.
The winning bidder was the owner of a gourd magazine who wanted it for her collection--then she wanted a picture of us with the gourd to print in the magazine. What a hoot! The one and only time I've been published! ;-)

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Becky,
At least my knee isn't getting replaced. They're just going to snip away the torn cartilage.

That's neat about your gourd. I've never grown ornamentals before. I didn't know if I could dry them on the vine.

I'd love to see a picture of your gourd if you still have it.

Sherri said...

I'm still thinking about the Killer mind has been mush this week, LOL.

My best friend just had the same knee surgery...with her CP (she does a lot on her knees) it took her about two weeks to get back up to speed. Hope yours goes well!

Maria Zannini said...

ref: mind has been mush this week, LOL.

But you make good pie. :grin:

Marianne Arkins said...

RE: "I'd be glue by now" -- absolutely cracked me up, thanks.

My local Agway has their seeds out already. GAH, the temptation! I will start my cucumbers and squash indoors on the first day of the waxing moon in April (plant above ground crops on the waxing moon, root crops on a waning moon). I can't transplant until Memorial Day, so I can't start too early.

I'll start peas and spinach and/or swiss chard the beginning of May outside and will plant my carrots and potatoes mid-May outdoors.


Maria Zannini said...

I haven't planted by the moon in ages. I don't remember if it did any good last time. If it's not raining when it comes time to plant, I might try it this year.

--hope the deer are kinder to you this year.