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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iko and Gentleman Tank

No wonder my knee is giving out.

We went to Petsmart the other day and weighed crazy puppy, Iko.

What was once a little, bitty, 9lb bundle of whimpers and whines is now 70lbs! He's barely nine months old. What happened? I know I didn't put growth hormones into his food.

Fingers crossed, Iko has not chewed up anything but his chew toys in several weeks. I shudder to mention this, in case I jinx myself and he decides to decimate something new. But he's been good. No accidents, no chewy fits and no excessive barking. Is it possible, he's grown out of crazy puppy stage?

The first photo shows Iko at two and a half months old.

The second photo was taken yesterday. Iko's not a little bitty puppy any more, but he still adores Tank and looks to him to lead.

This is right before bedtime and they were none too happy to put up with me and my camera so late at night.

They got a cookie for their trouble though, so all was forgiven.

Gentleman Tank, also known as Saint Tank, came in at a whopping 137lbs. We really need to take a few pounds off of him. Although he gets around great--he can leap extra tall beds in a single bound--I would like to see him trimmer as he gets older so it won't be so much of a strain on those old bones.

He's such a gentle giant. So calm and intelligent. (If only Iko was that smart.) Tank is about 8 years old now and his muzzle is graying. Our past rotties have all lived until 12, but Tank is so big, we're not sure if he'll be with us as long as the others.

Tank has been exceedingly patient with Iko, and he's been good for crazy puppy, teaching him his tasks as guardian and protector.

Iko's been good for Tank too. Given his druthers, the Tankster would be content to snooze all day. Having a puppy around has given ALL of us a lot more exercise.


And now I have to point you to Kaz Augustin's blog so you can take a look at her crazy puppy, Sausage. She's adorable! Seeing her post yesterday made me realize I'd been remiss at posting any new photos of 'da boys' together, so obviously I had to make up for it with this one.

Go over and visit Kaz. See cute puppy. And make silly human noises.


Jannette Johnson said...

Lol, omg their big. Is the breed suppose to be that large? And they're adorible!

Maria Zannini said...

Tank came supersized. He's very tall for a rottie too. Our past rotties hovered around 85-90lbs full grown.

Both Tank and Iko are rescued dogs so we have no idea about their history.

It's been a learning experience to be sure.

Heather B. Moore said...

70 lbs? Amazing! That's how much my 9 year daughter weighs :-)

Suzanne McLeod said...

Great to see the difference in Iko from a puppy to now, Maria :-) My Sophie is a German Shepherd/Lab cross and weighs in at 25 kilos [umm, around 53'ish lbs give or take a few] and she's heavy enough! She's 14, and has arthritis so now needs a helping hand up the stairs and onto the sofa. I hate to think if she was the same size as Iko, let alone Tank *g*

Maria Zannini said...

Heather: At least your daughter doesn't slobber. :o)

Maria Zannini said...

Suzanne: 14 is great for a dog her size.

Chelly lived to 15 and she was an Aussie shepherd mix. She was about the same weight as Sophie.

I had a real problem with Chelly when we lived in a house with stairs. My writing room was upstairs and she insisted on sitting with me, no matter how much it hurt her to climb the stairs.

Towards the end of her life I would write downstairs so she wouldn't have to follow me upstairs.

Post a picture of Sophie, Suzanne. I'd love to see her.

mlima007 said...

The baby was soooooooooooo little then ... love both to death. Their cousin says Hello!!