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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Psychic Dog

I've become a believer. Iko is definitely psychic.

I didn't want to believe it because he's generally too goofy to predict meal time let alone something random. But ever since he was five months old (he's 8 months old now) Iko has been able to predict when Greg's arrival is imminent.

About four to five minutes before Greg pulls into the driveway, that silly dog will go nuts, bouncing off the walls, running to the door and barking at absolutely nothing.

Sure as sunshine, five minutes later I hear Greg driving up on the gravel road.

At first, I thought it was a fluke. But he's been uncannily accurate, going through this routine every single time Greg is minutes from coming home.

It can't be due to hearing the car because at five minutes, Greg's at least five miles away. And Iko can't time it to our phone calls because Greg's calls and arrival times are random.

So what sets crazy puppy off? It's a mystery.

The little heathen is growing like a weed. I feel sorry for him sometimes. He goes through these huge growth spurts and I know it must hurt his bones to grow so fast. Greg won't see him for a couple of weeks at a time, and when he does, he can't get over how big he's gotten.

Iko's still a clown though and he hasn't outgrown his chewy stage yet, but I think we're nearly there. He'll go a couple of weeks as a complete angel and then he'll disembowel a perfectly innocent toy.

There is no denying his sweetness though. If he got any sweeter, we'd fall into diabetic comas.

This psychic stuff has me amused and baffled. Is he that tuned in to Greg's presence? Does it have anything to do with Greg's prolonged absences? We've never tested him with my arrivals since he lives with me all the time.

Has anyone out there ever had a psychic pet? What does he predict?

Hmm...I predict a story out of this. Hey, maybe I'm psychic too!



Mike Keyton said...

There is no denying his sweetness though. If he got any sweeter, we'd fall into diabetic comas.

Lovely phrase - worth pinching and adapting. You've been warned :)

MeganRebekah said...

A few years ago I read an article about dogs and their owners and the link between them. I don't remember the exact details, but they had cameras watching the dogs while the owners were away, and when the owners started coming home (I don't know if it was the thought or omcing home, or the physical act of getting in the car) the dogs would react in someway. I'll see if I can google up that article to share.

Jannette Johnson said...

I beleive all animals are aware of things we humans can't sense, but in this case, I think you can chalk his psychic instict to good hearing.

Please don't think I'm trying to burst your bubble, but I watched a show on dogs a few months back, and they said that because dogs can hear like a thousand times better than humans, that after a while, they begin to recognize certain sounds and equate them with their master's return (ie the sound the car engine makes as it's driving up the road). This is also why they seem to 'know' their name. They recognize the sound. It was a really interesting show.

Animals are pschic. Our dog use to perk her ears up and stare at nothing, or was it nothing. I think she sensed spirits walking around our house.

Maria Zannini said...

Mike: Always willing to share as long as you don't want my paycheck too. *g*

Maria Zannini said...

Megan: If you find that article, please send it on. I seem to remember an experiment like this they did in the UK.

Maria Zannini said...

Jannette: Well, dogs hear pretty good, but I'm fairly certain they can't hear five miles away. That's 52,800 feet.

I decided to do a quick search on distance. Depending on the frequency and the shape of the dog's ears, dogs can hear up to 4 x further than humans.

So in this case, it's got to be something other than hearing that's clue-ing him in.

Daelith said...

What a cutie! The chewing stage is far from over though. To help with that take some of the safe hollowed out bones after he's through chewing all the good stuff of it, fill it with peanut butter or cream cheese and put in the freezer for a bit. My dogs love these treats and it keeps them occupied. You can do the same with Kong toys.

As for his sensing Greg coming home, you would be surprised what a great sense of timing dogs have. Perhaps Greg coming home is more exciting for him then eating.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Daelith!

I'll stick hard cookies in his Kong, but I hate to put PB in it because I don't want him smearing it on my nice rugs. If only I could teach him to eat it on the tile floors. Peanut butter would really keep him busy.

Ref: timing
At first I kept thinking it was timing too, but Greg's arrivals are often weeks apart and at odd times.

It really stymies me.

Glad to see you here!

Sherri said...

My hubby used to travel ALL the time for work and we had a dog who could predict his coming home too. (You may remember the dog in queation from your guest "dog" post awhile back.)

Anyway, Nate would start pulling out hubby's things (shoes, favorite sofa blanket, etc.) 24 hours before hubby was due to come home. Now often I would have to pick hubby up from the airport so figured he was picking up on my nesting activities at first. But when he also did it the times hubby drove, even when hubby arrived home days earlier than expected, I was sold Nate was picking up on something else. Hubby would laugh at the collection of items Nate had gathered for him in hubby's favorite spot on the sofa. Never could explain it.

Maria Zannini said...

Sherri: That's kinda neat that he would gather stuff.

We may never know what sets them off. But when Greg walks through the door, you'd think it was the second coming. Iko does the hallelujah dance.