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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Texas!

We had a record snowfall in north Texas. Over a foot in some places. It'll probably be gone next week. The weatherman says we'll be back in the 50s.

Despite the snow, it's not particularly cold. But it is very pretty. Greg and I had the obligatory snowball fight. He started it! And who am I to back down from a challenge of war?

The snow blanketed everything, and the entire countryside was quiet and peaceful. My favorite pastime has been watching the birds at my feeder. I filled it for them before the snows came. I also had some old bread I was going to freeze for croutons later, but I decided to toast it and smear some peanut butter on it. That was for the squirrels, though a couple of crows found it too.

The crows were amazing to watch. They would sidle up to the toast like they were oblivious to it, then snatch a piece and fly off. My feeder has had some incredible traffic from dawn to dusk. Some of the birds stage themselves by watching from a nearby branch or my clothesline, then swoop down as soon as a perch on the feeder opens up.

My surgery had to be postponed. Apparently, I can drive more than sixty miles to reach the surgery center, but the staff couldn't manage ten.

It's a huge logistics problem for me because now poor Greg has to take more days off so he can drive me. If they hadn't already gotten some of their blood money, I would've canceled.

The Olympics: I've never been a big fan, but I do like to watch the opening ceremonies. This one was a bit disappointing. Supposedly the creative director wanted to make something intimate. I'd say the best he accomplished was anti-climatic.

The caliber of many of the athletes has changed through the generations too. One athlete, (I forget her event) wanted the media to know that she sustained a serious injury. That's perfectly understandable, but so what? If you can't compete, don't compete, but don't go around whining and making excuses. That, in my opinion is not a true Olympian.

This is:

1976: Shun Fujimoto Hits His Ring Set with a Broken Knee

The Japanese built a dynasty in men's gymnastics in the 1960s and 70s. By 1976, Japan had won the team gold in the last four Olympics. In the team finals in Montreal, however, Japanese team member Shun Fujimoto injured himself on floor. Fearing that the team would not win if he withdrew from the meet, Fujimoto hid the extent of his injury and competed his final two events of the day, pommel horse and rings.

On rings, Fujimoto scored a 9.7, after landing his full-twisting double back dismount onto a broken kneecap. His score helped the Japanese earn their fifth consecutive team gold, and he is still revered in Japan for his selfless commitment to the team.

That, my friends is an Olympian. I remember watching this event and thinking he was the most perfect man in history. Hugely fit, self-sacrificing, dedicated and unstoppable. I still think of Fujimoto as a hero.

Whenever I get sidelined by an injury or personal setback, I think of Fujimoto, and try again.

Click the link to see his amazing performance.


Dru said...

I was not impressed with the opening ceremony last night.

Maria Zannini said...

I agree. It was quite dull.

Marian said...

Sorry to hear about the surgery being canceled, Maria. If it's any consolation, I'd have walked through the Terrifying Twelve Inches of Snow to get to work.

Maria Zannini said...

I know it sounds funny to crow about 12 inches, but it is a phenomenon down here. The cities here don't even have snow plows. That's how rare it is.

Already most of it is melting, but several of my friends suffered serious damage to their homes and trees. A lot of people are still without power and some without water too.

We just enjoyed the snow, and reminisced about the old days in Chicago.

Marianne Arkins said...

Remember Kerri Strug, the American gymnast who completed a nearly perfect vault on a sprained ankle in 1996? Yeah -- you do what you gotta do.

And re: snow -- my DH is fuming that the south got it and we didn't! LOL...

I am sorry about your surgery though.

Maria Zannini said...

The day we had snow the weatherman said that 90% of the country had snow on the ground. Guess you were the 10%. LOL.

Sorry about his missed weekend.

The snow here is nearly all melted. Just a memory now.

mlima007 said...

Tank looks great ... and big!! what are you feeding him?

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: what are you feeding him?

...anything he can catch. (kidding)

Marian said...

You're right, Maria, it's all a matter of perspective. :) When I complain about, oh, two feet of snow, my friends remind me that I could be in Winnipeg.