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Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Loves You, Baby?

Who reads you? Do you ever wonder?

Most of us know some of our followers to one degree or another. Some read me daily, others weekly, and others even less frequently.

Members of my family occasionally read me, which always surprises the heck out of me. Writer-friends, of course read me because we all started in the same gelatinous goo of publishing purgatory. But I also have homesteaders, dog lovers, gardeners and book lovers who read me.

And then there's a huge chunk of traffic from people who come here strictly out of a Google search for some topic I've covered somewhere along the way.

The raisin remedy for arthritis is a big draw here as are many of the Prudent Penny topics for saving money or homesteading.

But the ones who really surprise me are the readers who occasionally post comments here, people I didn't think knew me, let alone read me. This got me to thinking about all the blogs I peruse daily--particularly the ones where I only comment occasionally.

I mentioned on Tia Nevitt's blog that a blogger has to get my attention within the first paragraph just to get me to read their post. And if they want me to comment, they then have to ask my opinion or say something so outrageous that I need to comment.

I rarely comment for book giveaways or prizes. It's not that I don't want to win, but I figure someone else could use the book or freebie more than I could. I don't want to deprive someone else of their chance.

Which reminds me... I once commented on a BIG, BIG blog and I did win something. (Amazing because I was one of over 300 comments.) It was an entire set of books from this author, whom I won't name because she NEVER delivered, even when the host of the blog contacted her.

Why would anyone offer a prize and not deliver? I did give her one more chance thinking she might have gotten sidelined, but this time she just ignored me. Guess whose books I won't be buying now?

A good blogger has responsibilities to his readers. And part of that responsibility means when you promise something, you should deliver or at least give an apology when you can't.

Good blogging also means good content or at least an interesting story to tell. You have to make it worth a reader's while.

I'm really grateful for those of you who stop by, those of you who read me regularly, and especially those of you who comment. Especially those who comment. Because when you comment, then I know you're out there and I try to follow you too.

I'm not an elitist in any way. Blogging to me is a lot like hiking. You never know who you'll meet along the way. And I'm the kind of person who is interested in everything. Truly. If you read this blog, chances are good we probably have something in common, and I want to know who you are so I can follow you too.

But here's my question to you. How many times does someone have to comment on your blog before you'll stop by his and comment? It usually takes me a couple of comments from people I don't know, that way I'm sure they're not fly-bys but rather people who have really taken an interest in this blog.

So who reads you? And do you read (and comment) them back?

Have you ever been surprised by who reads you?

PS Stop by Wednesday. I'm going to be visiting Patricia Altner and sharing a real life ghost story.


Marianne Arkins said...

If someone new comments on my blog, I ALWAYS return the favor at least once. If their blog looks interesting enough, I'll add it to my Google reader and see if it's something I'd want to read regularly.

What frustrates me most is when someone comments, and then their blogger profile is private and I CAN'T go see them.

BTW, "boo hiss" on the author who didn't deliver the books. Shame on them.

Maria Zannini said...

Marianne: Usually it's because they don't have a blog or they use LiveJournal and don't know how to use the identity thingy to make their LJ moniker show up. But like you, I check them out to see what their blog looks like and I'll add it to my reader.

Ref: missed books
I remember being so excited about these books. I'd never won so grand a prize. Oh well.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Most my blog readers are writers. I don't know that I offer much in the way of content often, but I do try. Mostly it's a way of keeping in contact to blogging friends for me.

I check out a new commenters blog right when I receive their first comment. If I like their blog then i follow. Most days though I only have time to visit blogs that have stopped by mine, but when I do get extra time I wander to ones I've missed in my blogroll.

Dru said...

Most of my blog readers are from blogs that I've read and/or commented on. I don't have much to offer but things that I'm doing in my life right now.

If I get a new commenter, I check their blog and if it looks interesting I include them in my google reader.

Bummer about not receiving your books. That happened to me recently and I won't pursue it with the author because I read the first book in the series and didn't like it.

pps..has your knee surgery been rescheduled?

Have a good Monday.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Eileen!

I started out blogging about writing, but I kept wandering to other topics and I ended up with a whole slew of new readers and bloggers.

Thanks for stopping in! I've put you on my reader.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Dru,

Surgery is being rescheduled for this Friday (I hope).

I like your blog because your quilting projects are so inspiring.

Jennifer Shirk said...

When someone new comments I always go right over to their blog and comment back.
If their blog looks interesting I'll save and come back to them another time.

That's terrible that the author didn't deliver. Boo-hiss is right. LOL

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Jennifer,

I should be more immediate in my responses too. I'm going to do better from now on.

My only exception to responding is when they start to 'sell' something in their comments--then I think they're just here to spam.

Sherri said...

I'm like you in that I only comment if something "speaks" to me or it's a friend. But most of the people who read my blog are family without blogs to keep up with. If a blogger I don't who comments I do try to visit their blogs and comment even if it's just a "thanks for stopping by" type. The blogs I follow regularly are in my blog roll so I'll jump over when there's a new post and maybe someone checking out my blog will link over.

catie james said...

I found your blog 'cause I won a copy of TOUCH OF FIRE at Barbara Vey's blog. (EEP! I still haven't gotten my rear in gear & read it either! I had a decent reason before: my eReader was kaput. Now that it's fixed - no more 'scuses Lucy). I visited your blog and discovered a warm, engaging, interesting blogger. How cool is that? :)

Since I don't get many commentors on either of my blogs (and those who do, I already follow), I don't make to many new discoveries via my own comment section.

Maria Zannini said...

Hey Sherri!

I kinda wish some of my family kept a blog so I could keep up with them. I live so far away from them, it would be nice to know what's going on with them on a regular basis.

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Catie!

Ref: I visited your blog and discovered a warm, engaging, interesting blogger.

Rats! Someone's taken over my blog again. LOL!

Thanks, hon.

Read the book, and let me know how you liked it--or (gulp) didn't. :o)

brokenbiro said...

Thankns for your thought-provoking post. I'm really new to blogging and have got so taken with it I'm following more than I can keep up with but had been a bit shy on commenting until people started commenting on mine and I realised that feedback is really important. I always go straight to a new follower's site and I'm starting to comment <--- see!

Maria Zannini said...

Welcome, Brokenbiro!

I added you to my reader and follower list.

We're all friends here. I'll stop in soon. Have to feed the hordes.

catie james said...

Will do Madame Zannini. Haaaaay! If the author/homesteader thing doesn't work out, you can always become a palm reader, seeing as you already have the perfect name. :-D Take the boys with ya. You'll attract an even larger crowd! Tank the Magnificent and his Stupendous Sidekick Iko!

Maria Zannini said...


That might lend itself to more than one profession.

Shelley Munro said...

Maria - I try to get back to everyone who visits me, but sometimes time is my enemy.

I actually enjoy your non-writing posts. Sometimes it's good to get away from writing.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Shelley. I like yours too. It's a little insight into the author.

Marian said...

The author not sending you the books is terrible, especially after you were happy about winning. :(

Now I wish I could remember how I found your blog in the first place, but I can't. I am a goldfish brain.

Tia said...

Thanks for the mention. I also tend visit people's blogs after they have visited my blog a few times. What I need to stop doing is checking out comments while I'm at work. I generally won't follow the commenter to his/her blog at that time because I don't want to be surfing blogs at work, and because I'm reading the post through my email. Then, once I get home, I often forget. I have been VERY BAD about that lately, and I need to improve.