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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's My Name Contest

I've got the EASIEST contest ever! Go to KS Augustin's blog. Look for a picture of her very cute pooch, then email me at mariazannini AT gmail DOT com with the dog's name. To make sure you don't get caught in my spam filter, put "What's My Name" in the subject line.

Kaz will put poochie's name out in plain view. No fuss. No muss.

I will BUY a copy of KS Augustin's latest, IN ENEMY HANDS for one winner.

Go! Visit KS Augustin. See her very cute pooch and then email me and tell
me the dog's name. And while you're waiting to see if you've won, browse through Kaz's site. She is way more prolific than I am.

--She's also more photogenic, but I try not to hold that against her.

The winner will be announced here on 6-8-10!

Rinse and Retweet.


Marianne Arkins said...

Loved the story about her dog. I'm already getting a copy, though, so am not entering. Her book sounds awesome!

I feel special -- there aren't 26 comments ahead of me for a change!!

India Drummond said...

I entered! What a great way to do cross-blog promotion!

Maria Zannini said...


Ha! You beat out the Southern Hemisphere!

Never worry about how many comments there are. I want to hear from my friends and I read each one.

You know I loves ya!

Maria Zannini said...


Well, you know, I can't stand that Augustin woman. LOL! I'm doing it for the dawg.

Kaz Augustin said...

Ha! I knew it! You only love me for my four-legged furries. You ::shaking fist:: canine-lover you!! Dawg sends smooches. Catz look at you with disdain, but they still want rubs.

Thanks for entering, India. (Can I say that, even though it's Maria's money? Say, that makes it BETTER, doesn't it? lol) Marianne, you're so active you're making me dizzy!

Maria Zannini said...


Ref: You only love me for my four-legged furries.

What? You didn't know?

I'm shallow that way. ;)

Sherri said...

Darn it all Maria...another author to add to my huge pile!


Maria Zannini said...


I'm on a one-woman mission to load unsuspecting readers with every great find that comes my way. :)

Sherri said...


And doing a bang-up job of it too!

Maria Zannini said...

Maria bows to the audience.

Marian said...

I like the cat - he looks so large and soft and cuddly. With a feather duster for a tail.

Maria Zannini said...

Marian: Now wouldn't that be the ultimate in DNA manipulation? We can make our pets pull double duty.

I use my dogs as doorstops.

Kaz Augustin said...

Squeak is such a lovely big adorable boy, Marian. We call him our teddy bear! I love Maine Coons.