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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crematoria & Blog Shout-Outs

Blogger has been hostile lately. Only ONE post will show up the page, even though I have it set up for a month's worth of posts at a time. Some comments are delayed too.

I'm not sure if this is a forever case or if it's having a hiccup. Anyone else having Blogger issues?

This week has been a blur. We are still working on the irrigation system, but the pipe is laid and I finally get to bury the trenches. I lost track after a thousand feet of ditches, but it's a lot and we have the sore muscles to prove it.

Summer in Texas is like living on the sun. Greg and I actually have a running joke about this. Have you seen "The Chronicles of Riddick"? One of the planets Riddick lands on is called Crematoria, a planet so close to its star that it roasts as it makes its rotation. (Really stupid world building. But that's besides the point.)

We work until the sun sizzles the surface, then we move further west to avoid Crematoria. By 10am, we're spent. There is no place shady enough to continue working so we go in, shower and wait for the sun to go down.

Whoever thought up Crematoria had to be from Texas. (Sympathies to the northeast US. Right now they are competing for Crematoria naming rights.)


On today's Blog Shout-Out menu, I am bringing you a couple of REAL readers and three other blogs that like to look on the funny side of life.

Go forth and be friendly. Be sure to introduce yourself and add their blogs to your follower list.


Dru, Dallnotes

The ramblings of an introvert, enjoying what life has to offer who also likes to read, travel and quilt.


Jackie, Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

This is a place to hang out and talk about the books that I would like to read, the books I am reading and the books I have read. I also like to share some of the quirky and positive items that I find interesting off of YouTube, other blog posts, Pictures of my Pets and Family and generally the lighter side of life. After all, if we are going to interact with one another why force gloom and doom on you all the time, Laughter and Fun are much more interesting subjects to share!!


...and funny people.

Lisa Clark & Lisa Davis-Craig

Please enter us. We're Lisa & Lisa Write a Book. We have no idea why, as our names are Doris and Betty. Ha! Just kidding. We write hen lit, yes we do, we write hen lit, how 'bout you?


Terri Coop, Why I Fear Clowns

This is a humor blog showcasing creepy, bizarre, and otherwise unacceptable clown figures, art, dolls, and whatever else bothers me . . . I don't laugh with clowns, I laugh at them! Great photos of the weirdest clown imagery you can imagine. So come on over and hone your clown-avoidance skills! Coulrophobes of the world unite!


Diane J, Contentedly Neurotic

Mondays I post about whatever tickles my fancy: My kids, my husband, a funny encounter, etc....

Wednesdays I post five things I'm grateful for...with a touch of humor. However, I am going to be mixing up my Wednesdays and doing some Writer's Corner posts. I'm a freelance writer (I submit to regional parenting magazines) who finally decided that I needed to bite the bullet and start that novel.

Fridays I post a quote. Sometimes it is writing related, sometimes it is funny and sometimes it just makes me think.


And there you have today's line up. If you normally only read a certain type of blog, try something different. I adore reading the 'different' blog. It's like taking a vacation from the regular grind of writing.

For past Blog Shout-Outs, go here. Don't forget to click on 'Show older posts' for the earlier ones.


Stacy said...

Heart pounding - yes, honest, heart pounding - so excited about all these new great blogs to follow! Thank you again Maria!

Dru said...

Thanks for gathering this together.

And blogger still won't update my reader. ;(

Maria Zannini said...

You're welcome, Stacy!

Maria Zannini said...

Dru: I'll betcha Google/Blogger is doing something behind the scenes.