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Friday, July 9, 2010

Do You Like Your House?

We accomplished so much this week. The irrigation is in, the garden is re-tilled, my brush piles have been burnt, and we sculpted a couple of new trails in our woods. It's beginning to look like a park. I love walking out there.

When we bought this house it was really important not to get a lot of pasture. This is horse country and people love their pastures out here, but that sort of landscape is so dull. It's only good for horses and cows and we have neither. I like my trees. I like wandering through the woods and finding all manner of insects, wildlife, and wildflowers.

When we were house hunting, one of the houses on our short list had a lot of pasture, but the house was nice and it had a huge fishing pond on twelve acres. There was a lot going for it, but in the end all that pasture made it too sad-looking, and we crossed it off our list.

The house we chose is beyond what we expected. It needs a proper fence and a workshop for Greg, but all the high end amenities, the interiors, and beautiful trees made up for its shortcomings. At 4000 square feet, it's more house than we need, but we knew it was 'home' the minute we walked inside.

I still feel that way.

What do you like about your house? What would you like to change?


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Kim said...

I love our house. When the hubs and I were househunting, we walked into it and it just felt like home. It was the only house we looked at (which I know is NOT what you're supposed to do) and after three years in it, I still love it. :D

The only thing I would change about it, is that it doesn't have a garage (it was converted into a family room) and my kids' bedrooms are a bit on the small side. I'd like to add a 2-car garage and expand the bedrooms a few feet. But that's the only thing I'd change!

Maria Zannini said...


You were so lucky to fall in love with the first house you found!

It took us the better part of a year.

Ref: expanding
Yeah, with kids, you'll need that space as they get older. Hope that happens soon.

You might need a 3 car garage once the kids start driving. LOL

Terri Coop said...

When we chose a small town, I wanted to live 'in town' in a neighborhood and within walking distance of the old-fashioned main street, work, etc.

Well, I got most of it! We bought a big rambling place from an estate that is a constant race to stay one step ahead of it falling down and our neighbors are cretins.

However, I love walking to work and just walking on the wide brick streets with ancient trees and huge quirky houses. No suburbs here!


Maria Zannini said...


That sounds like a wonderful neighborhood--despite the neighbors.

I love to see pictures of people's homes. I hope you'll post some on your blog.

Marianne Arkins said...

If I'd known you were sending folks to my blog, I would have been more profound today, lol...

RE: houses -- I've never had one that was one I considered a permanent home. This house is the longest I've lived in one place (11 yrs) and I'm stir crazy. I want to move!! It's not the house, it's me.

Truthfully, I've told my DH if it were up to me, I'd buy a HUGE RV and just drive around all the time. I don't need roots.

You're not showing up in my Google Reader for some reason, so I have to see if I've missed any posts.

Maria Zannini said...


Ref: Blogger/Google

I know. It picked a bad week to go batty too.

Ref: RV
I don't think I can afford the gas. LOL.

We had neighbors who did that for a few years though. They would tell us all these marvelous stories about their adventures.

I'm posting daily through Monday, so don't trust your Reader.

Liz Fichera said...

I love my home but would love to plop it up north in the cool mountains, especially during the summer months.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ah, the comment section is back. :)

I love my house--maybe because it's a good size but still is very cozy with its high ceilings. We're adding sliders in the kitchen a new deck starting next week. Then it will be perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

I've gotten some new faces from your shout-out! Thanks, it's much appreciated. As for my house, I love my tile floors. Sooo much easier to clean up pet hair when I don't have carpet.

Maria Zannini said...


Ref: summer months

I hear ya on that. It's been a hot one this year.

Maria Zannini said...


My last house had those cathedral ceilings and it did make it seem a lot more spacious than it was.

Ref: Blogger/Google
It's been one thing after another with them. Some people don't see my posts on Reader, or else Blogger plays footsies with the post itself.

I hate that it changes my fonts and sizes too. It's been a real bear this week.

Maria Zannini said...

I'm so glad you're meeting new people. That's the whole point of this contest.

Sometimes we are so insulated. It's good to get out and meet new folks.

Ref: tile flooring
Yes, ma'am! I've got wood and tile in most of the house. Much easier to clean.

Dru said...

I love my apartment that I live in my building complex. It has a terrace with a view of the Atlantic Ocean and on Saturday morning I get to see two cruise ships sailing back to port and on Sunday afternoon I see two cruise ships headed out to the Bahamas or Bermuda.

The main thing I would change is my neighbors - on one side they have birds that make too much noise for me. The neighbor next door just adopted a puppy and he barks until someone arrives home and then I have the idiot upstairs that is constantly hammering or drilling.

The next place I move to will not have any surrounding neighbors..if I can't walk around my house, then it's not for me.

jackie b central texas said...

Maria, our house is home sweet home. We finally got the white stone home with a tin roof that my sweetie wanted 9 years ago. It is not quite 2000 square feet so only half of yours but for myself, my DH and my Mom and the 3 house pets it works. The home was built in 1979 so we have slowly tiled quite a lot of the carpeted floors, replaced the front windows this year alone and have taken everything rotten off the eaves and overhang and had all the cedar replaced with hardi plank and hardi board which does not rot and bugs cannot eat it!!
Having lived in the boonies as a small child my heart was always that of a "country girl"! Got flooded out of that area in 1969 and my Mom and Dad moved us into "town", ick yuck phooey hated the entire 13 years lived in that house. Got married at 19 and moved in a "small attic apartment", now do I "like" my house? He** yeah, love it! Out of town in the forest with all the birds and deer and coons and possums and rabbits and SNAKES and SPIDERS and BUGS, what is not to love!!!

jackie ^_^