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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evil Comes In Fluffy

I knew when I got chickens that I would have to teach the dogs to remain calm even when those tasty chicken tenders on the hoof raced past. There would be no stopping a rottweiler on a feeding frenzy. And I have two behemoths.

Iko has to be reminded from time to time, but Tank, as always, is the perfect gentleman. He can wander through a flock of hens and never take notice of them.

The chickens don't
panic when they see him, having been used to seeing that giant head bend over their brooder box since they were a day old.

At 130 and 86 pounds respectively, Tank and Iko are big, brawny, and to the average bystander, pro
bably a bit intimidating. But they are good boys, the both of them.

Evil, I've discovered, comes in fluffy white fur and can fit inside a purse. Her name is Princess.

I was dog sitting this past week for Princess while her mom went to DC. I like having her visit. The boys enjoy her company and I think Princess likes hanging with her own species every once in a while.

Since the little dog is good off leash, I let her go with me when I went about feeding chickens and collecting eggs. I never allowed her to
go inside the pen with me though because the chickens don't know her.

Princess decided she wanted to be introduced and slipped in when I wasn't looking. Before I knew it, she had chickens flying, and everybody was cackling in terror. Fluffy little Princess had turned into a marauding Hun, snapping at every plump rump in the vicinity of her tiny teeth.

I tend to carry a camera with me whenever I go out because you never kno
w when something interesting will happen, so I was lucky to catch some of the action. The chickens are bigger than Princess and I was more afraid for her than the hens.

I present to you my evidence of Evil Incarnate. Don't let the cute little face fool you. She's little, but she's mean.

Bad Princess.

Somehow she managed to pluck the tail feathers off one of the roosters.

I've never seen a dog look so proud. I think she's grinning in that last picture.

Now she can go home and brag to the neighborhood dogs.

No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog post. They are, however, deeply embarrassed. How will they ever live this down? Terrorized by fifteen pounds of fluff.

Who has evil pets? I definitely want to know before you come over. LOL

Tell me your naughty dog story.

Photo 3: Those are tail feathers at her feet.
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Ted Cross said...

My family had a chicken coop when I was about 3, and I was terrified of the roosters. My parents made me go in to feed them, and roosters are mean!

Maria Zannini said...

Ted: Three is awfully little to battle a rooster--especially when it has daggers on its legs.

At my place, mean roosters get the pot.

Your comment just reminded me of a story I will post next week.

I had one rooster who was so mean, he transcended death.

Dru said...

The chickens didn't surround Princess? I would think a flock of them would frighten Princess.

Maria Zannini said...

Dru: I know! I expected them to gang up on her. Instead they ran.

She's got a lot of moxey.

I like moxey. LOL.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Those little breeds are fierce. We had a chihuahua-toy terrier mix when I was a kid that was very protective of the family. One day a VERY LARGE german shepherd came into our yard and approached my mom. Our little one went streaking across the yard in stealth mode,came up behind and under the big guy, leaped up and sank her little teeth into his...shall we say "dangling" parts. He ran off howling and she came back to us, quite pleased with herself. I would have put that dog up against a flock of roosters any day.

Maria Zannini said...

Linda: Ouch! That was pretty smart of the little guy to go for the sweetmeats.

Many moons ago when I used to work for a vet, we routinely got little dogs who had been hurt by big dogs. The vet called it 'German Shepherd disease'.

Dogs don't understand size. A little dog can bully a big dog if he has the cohones.

Unfortunately, every once a while he comes across a big dog who isn't cowed, then things don't turn out so well for the little dog.

Bookewyrme said...

Hrm. I don't know about mean, because I think it was all in the spirit of fun, but one of my mom's cats used to chase her dogs. They would actually take it in turns, the dog would chase the cat, and then on the next romp around the house the cat would be chasing the dog. I always thought it was hysterical (and they never hurt each other, they just liked to run!)


Maria Zannini said...

Lia: LOL! I had a dog and cat who used to do that. They were best pals.

Lynn Colt said...

Ha! That's probably the best fun Princess has had in her doggy life :)

My dogs (well, my mom's dogs now since they prefer the country to my apartment!) would sit by the electric fence line until their collars beeped but didn't shock them, and just wait there until the batteries ran down.

Maria Zannini said...

Lynn: OMG, that is just too smart!

So sad that you can't keep them at your apartment, but I'm sure they're happier in the country. Sounds like they've got things well in paw. :)

Claudia said...

Maria, you had me laughing with this anecdote and pics. Princess is gorgeous! Perhaps I'm being biased because she reminds me of Junior, our late Maltese. It's amazing you were able to capture the moment of evil occuring, LOL.
Thanks for sharing this!
P.S. my stories about Junior are endless, I could write a book about him.

Maria Zannini said...

Claudia: I'm just glad no one decided to call her bluff.

She's a sweetheart though. And even though she's a big city girl, she makes herself at home in the country.

Wendy Ramer said...

This cracked me up. I have a calico cat who is all of one year old. When I adopted her, I was warned of the feisty calico nature, but I ignored it. The other day, while I was lying with her and petting her, she slapped me across the face. I swear it, just reached out swiftly with one paw and slapped me. I was so surprised that I slapped her back (gently) and started cracking up. She just stared at me and went on purring happily. Not evil, just a crazy cat.

Maria Zannini said...

Wendy: OMG! That's hilarious! It reminds of Night At The Museum when Ben Stiller was slapping that monkey.

Stacy said...

She's cute and naughty! My maltese just wants to give my chickens kisses, she loves them because she helped us raise them from chicks. But my Golden Lab just wants them for snack!

Renee Miller said...

We have two dogs, a lab named Bear and a Boston Terrier named Harley. Bear is the sweetest, gentlest but dumbest dog I've ever seen. My daughters dress him, paint his nails and use him as a pillow and occasionally a horse/unicorn. He just lets them do whatever they want, tongue hanging happily out of his mouth.

Harley...what can I say to describe this dog? First, if you've never seen a boston terrier, they have really big googly eyes and a face that's a bit scrunched and their tiny and muscular. Harley is good with the kids, but insane. You cannot correct him or punish him because he really doesn't care. YOu tell him no, he 'sasses' and if you try to take a toy from him (meaning a Barbie or a Polly Pocket) he runs or he goes at you barking and protecting his treasure. He's house trained, but when he's mad at us, he finds a closet and promptly poops in it or pees on the Barbie Dream House or the Barbie Jet. No, I don't understand why he chose those things, but he did.

He scares visitors, but honestly has never harmed a fly. He's scared of flies.

Maria Zannini said...

Stacy: Did the Golden not know them as chicks?

Maybe he thinks he's supposed to eat them. :)

At least your Maltese is sweet.

Jenny Schwartz said...

I'm so glad you had your camera, Maria!

"Bad, Princess" <--it's so hard to be convincing when you're laughing.

Maria Zannini said...

Renee: Bear sounds like a sweetheart. But Harley sounds like a handful.

The thing about Boston terriers is that they're so smart. And very loyal.

Are you ever worried Harley plots for world domination?

Maria Zannini said...

Jenny: I know. I was afraid the camera was shaking too hard when I took the pictures.

Her 'mother' was horrified when I sent her the pictures--but she couldn't stop laughing either.

jackie b central texas said...

Okay this is too too funny not to come tell my own horrible doggie tale! First though Kudos to you for always being picture ready, and for sharing too!!!

Growing up my Mom raised chickens at our house in South Texas, free-range chickens mind you not in a coop of any kind. Every time we would go outside it seemed that either one of the neighbors dogs, cats or a neighborhood owl or hawk would have chicken for a meal.

Our biggest problem turned out to be my Mother's little 13-14 pound Weiner Dog or Daschund if you want me to be politically correct. HE WAS A KILLER of chickens!!! He did not care if they were Hens, Roosters, baby Chicks or what they were fair game to slaughter! So that is my "bad doggie" for you. Mom's ferocious little fiend makes Princess look very much like a "good doggie" in comparison...

jackie ^_^

BTW Mom never did learn not to let the dog near her chickens.....

Maria Zannini said...


Oh, boy, I know all about wiener dog reputation! I have several friends who have them. And you're right. Holy moley, can they terrorize.

I have one friend who regularly receives birds, rats, possums,and squirrels from her dog.

Susan Griscom said...

Yes, little dogs with big egos. That's my little yippy dog Riley. He thinks nothing of running out in the middle of the street to attack anything that's moving. That includes giant dogs, cars, and trucks. It's difficult to keep him in. He especially likes running out full speed, barking his head off whenever someone walks by pushing a baby carriage. He scares them half to death, and then I end up going out to apologize so embarrassed that if I had a tail, it would be between my legs.

So, I understand your poor chickens and roosters. But I can't help but love him.

Marianne Arkins said...

Small dogs are always the terrors... In our agility class, it's the little dogs who rule the roost! The only dog who's ever bitten me was a chihuahua. If I came to your house, I'd fear Princess before I'd fear Tank.

We had a Scottish Terrier when I was little who killed our kittens. Just picked them up and ... shook. We had three HUGE dogs who didn't hurt a fly, but the Scottie was lethal -- of course, he was just doing what he was bred for, but still... :-(

Maria Zannini said...

Susan: I love the name Riley!

And what happens if whatever he 'catches' doesn't back down? That happened to a dog of mine who tangled with a giant cat. Joey was only 30 pounds, but she thought she was a Great Dane.

One day she got out and ran at a huge alley cat. I'm sure she expected the cat to run but he didn't.

Luckily for Joey, she had backup. Greg opened the gate and let our pack of Samoyeds out. The cat decided that was one dog too many. LOL.

Maria Zannini said...

Marianne: Princess is a sweetheart with people. Animals, not so much.

But Tank would love you. He loves women and will gladly lay his giant head on your lap so he can be petted.

hmm...come to think of it. Greg does the same thing. :)

Susan Griscom said...

Riley, but he usually keeps his distance. He really is sweet and would never hurt anything unless you're a rodent. That includes squirrels. All he wants to do is make friends. His tactics are just off. He plays with our cat. They take turns chasing each other and roll around wrestling on the floor. Now he is old and coughs whenever he gets exerts himself.

Maria Zannini said...

Susan: At least Riley is smart enough not to court trouble. :)

I'm sorry the poor boy is tiring out. Happens to all of us. But at least he knows his mommy loves him and will always take care of him. He's a lucky dog.

Sherri said...


Too funny Maria. Glad you had the camera.

Maria Zannini said...

Sherri: The chickens didn't think it was funny. They were on egg laying strike for two days.

Princess is banned from the hen house.

Angela said...

LOL!!! Too funny. So glad you had your camera. You're right. Princess can go back to the concrete jungle and let the other "city slick" boys and girls know what it's like to make winged bi-peds sprint in fear.

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: Oh, I'm sure of it. She's got a big ego for a little dog. :)

catie james said...

Oh yeah - you always gotta watch out for the sweet-lookin' ones. They're usually the most vicious :D

Maria Zannini said...

Catie: All I can say is that I'm glad they have little teeth. :)

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I have an evil cat. He enjoys breaking anything priceless and eating souls. He has an incredibly fast metabolism and is forever hungry. If his food intake is not watched however, he'll eat until he vomits, usually on something priceless.