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Sunday, November 14, 2010

She's Back!

Huzzah! I am online again. We had a storm rip through the area on Friday night and it took out our service provider's tower.

It was a pain in the posterior but I was able to use my smart phone and email a couple of people who needed an answer from me--and even post on this blog yesterday. The keypad is very hard to use though and it won't let me capitalize letters without going through a lot of extra steps.

I may never get used to this thing, but it has proven itself useful at least during emergencies.

The blog tour continues tomorrow where I'll be at Novel Spaces. Book lovers, you'll want to tune in to see what caught my fancy recently. It's not what you'd expect.


Thank you to all you wonderful people who have voted for me at RT Reviews for the Kensington contest. 

The deadline is getting near. If you know anyone with a computer and a pulse, please ask them to vote for Mistress Of The Stone.

Mama needs a new contract. And she'd really like it to be at Kensington.

Send them here. I'm at the bottom of the list. I'm the one with that sweet puppy, my little shadow, Chelly.


Dru said...

Welcome back!

I'm on my friend's computer and put in a vote for you. It's all about the computer cookie.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Dru!

Liz Fichera said...

I wonder if your storm is coming my way? Jeez, it'd be nice to have some rain, although the power outage I could do without.

Welcome back!

Cathy in AK said...

While traveling this summer, I had my husband's iTouch or whatever it's called. What a PITA trying to type on that thing! Same situation with capitalizing--too many steps to deal with : P

Some days our internet disappears on a whim, even without a storm. Glad you're back, and I did vote :) (cooookiiiiiieeeesss!!!)

Mike Keyton said...

I think you're due a 'power-nap' unless that's down too.

Maria Zannini said...

Liz: We didn't get much rain. But we had a sudden downspout and lots of wind.

I wouldn't have minded a little more rain.

Maria Zannini said...

Cathy: Thanks for your vote! I really appreciate it.

Ref: power outage
I know what you mean. Ours will do that too, sometimes for a split second, but just long enough to shut down my computer. I've since installed a backup battery and that helps-at least for the short term.


Mike: A power nap sounds really good about now. :)

Linda Leszczuk said...

I was running a Red Cross shelter right after Katrina, and most of the cell towers in the area were down (all land lines were out, too). I learned that text messages could get through even when there wasn't enough signal for voice and our best shot at any sort of signal was around midnight (don't ask me why). So every night I'd type a short message and hike up the road to the top of a nearby hill. I'd walk around with my phone in the air, watching for a flicker of signal and immediately hit send. Sometimes it took several tries but I usually got a message through. And that was our only communication with the outside world for over a week.

Sure made me appreciate 'four bars' when I got home.

Ellie said...

Welcome back! We had some bad weather last week and part of the town had a power cut. Thankfully, our road wasn't affected.

Maria Zannini said...

Linda: LOL. Hurricane Rita is the one that killed us. We were without power for 21 days. Communication was hit or miss. Our water and gas lines were broken and we were feeding half the dogs in our neighborhood because there were idiots who leave their pets behind.

Yes. I said idiots. I don't care that you can't get into government shelter with your dog. I'd sleep in my car if I had to. I'm not leaving my dogs.

The hurricane was before I started blogging, but here's a little taste of what we went through that year.

Maria Zannini said...

Ellie: Believe it or not, we barely had any rain. I'm told it was a sudden down spout (not quite a tornado) that came in and knocked our tower.

God pointed his finger at the internet tower and said: No internet for you, Maria. :)