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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Writing Epiphany

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that even if I didn't win Kensington's contest, I had already walked away with a huge bonus?

When my mentor, Terri Brisbin and I were working on the excerpts for this contest, I had a spectacular writing epiphany when we reached the last challenge.

The fifth and final round was to submit an excerpt of a love scene. Little did I realize how complex it was. And Terri, saint that she is, kept prodding me until I literally fell face forward on my 'aha moment'.

Read the rest of the story at Jaunty Quills and share with me your aha moment.

Although that post has nothing to do with the True Believers blog tour, I hope it will touch a chord with all the writers out there. It made such an impact on me, I felt I had to share the experience.

I hope you'll visit me on Jaunty Quills and chip in to the conversation. The revelation shocked me--literally shocked me. I don't think I'll ever read my work the same way again. It was one of those moments where you know you learned something profound.

You guys have been wonderful about spreading the word. Thank you for nudging your friends and neighbors to vote. Who knows where this contest will take me, but I'm keeping special tabs on the people who helped get me there.

I never forget a kindness.

Round Two: Best Hero and Heroine. Vote for Mistress Of The Stone

See you at Jaunty Quills!


Kay Theodoratus said...

May the understandings stay with you for many books in the future.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks Kay. I hope it will.

jackie b central texas said...

And may those many books be written while I am still alive to read them, LOL!

Epiphanies are cool aren't they Maria!
Falling flat on your face head/desk headache not so cool!

jackie >_<

Maria Zannini said...

Sometimes it takes a fall to notice the flowers. :)