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Friday, August 12, 2011

Buy my book or the puppy gets it.

Look at that widdle, biddy face, and those big brown eyes. And that cute little mouth which has eaten me out of food, furniture, and folderol. It's all this puppy's fault, so I'm using him as my hostage.

Buy my book, or the puppy gets it!
Of course, I'd like you to buy all my books, but if you can't, at least try The Devil To Pay. It's cheap! It's a fast read. And then you can decide if I'm worth buying again. 

I'll make it easy for you. Amazon. B&N. Smashwords.

I know. It's terribly Snidely Whiplash of me to terrorize a poor, defenseless puppy for something as tawdry as bookselling. Apparently, I have no moral center. 

But you all know I tell a pretty good tale. You wouldn't come back to this blog day after day if I didn't. Just imagine what I could do with several thousand words. And let's not forget the pathetic pup-ster at the top of this page.

From the Management: 
For all my readers who don't know me very well, no puppy was hurt in the making of this post--especially now that he tips the scales at 101 pounds.

Nom. Nom. Nom.
So sayeth Giant Puppy.

If you'd like to see Iko all grown up, see Wednesday's post

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And thank you to everyone who shares my posts. I appreciate it!


Angela Felsted said...

I bought your book two days ago. I'm already done with it. So, yes, I can vouch that it's a fast read.

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: Iko thanks you and I thank you. :)

Clarissa Draper said...

You would kill a poor innocent puppy after your wonderful post yesterday. For shame! ;)

Great way to market though.

Maria Zannini said...

Clarissa: Ha! If you only knew how evil that puppy is. It's the eyes. He always lures them in with the eyes.

Dru said...

You won't have to harm puppy since I bought you book. I just have to find time to read it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I have everything you've written but that Bra book slowly getting lower and lower on your sidebar :)

Poor Iko, but I remember the furniture stories!

Maria Zannini said...

Dru: Thank you. (It's a tad racy for me.)

Raelyn: LOL. That 'Bra' book was my first foray into writing. And it took forever to publish. I think from query to acceptance was well over a year. I've always been proud of the company it kept in that anthology though.

Angela Brown said...

Dah da da dah! Here she comes to save the day!

I'm here to rescue Iko. I've tested your sci-fi romance and devoured The Devil to Pay around the time you started your Indie Roadshow. So...Slap-a-pow to you.

Now Iko is least until your next installment.

This was such a cute little ploy. And you're right Maria, it's those precious eyes.

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: I have to tell you despite my horrid attempt to taint his good name, Iko is the sweetest dog.

He loves everybody. Unfortunately, at over a hundred pounds that's a lot of dog to love on you. He's never mastered Tank's finesse.

Iko is a klutz of massive proportions--just like his mama.

jackie b central texas said...

I "pointed" you but you figured out how to embed the FB/Twitter HTML and was hoping it would work. It does, shared on both a few minutes ago.
I could not resist had to give others a chance to see that pretty little face, we needed a before and after shot though so the 101 pounder would be spotlighted as well as the teething baby shot.

Have a good weekend Maria, off to get my yearly exam. (Oh joy!)

Maria Zannini said...

Jackie: I could turn the gadget on, but the template I use wouldn't support it.

After some sleuthing I figured out what I needed to do. In the end it was better because I didn't want to clutter my posts with too many icons. Twitter and FB were enough.

Ref: Iko
I should've done a before and after, shouldn't I? I'll probably save that for a future post. I'm pushing my luck with two dog posts back to back. :)

Jenny Schwartz said...

When Iko learns to read, you're in big trouble!

Maria Zannini said...

Jenny: ROTFL!

I'm more worried about the publicist he hired. I might be walking two feet back and to the right of His Highness.

Oh, wait a minute. I do that now. ;-)

I'm so glad he's a good sport.

Jayne said...

Are they all kindle books, Maria? Or paperbacks as well?

Shelley Munro said...

Aw, what a cutie. No one could resist that face.

Maria Zannini said...

Jayne: Touch Of Fire and More Sand In My Bra came out in paper. The rest are digital.

Shelley: I love tormenting Iko. He adores the attention. He doesn't care what you say about him as long as you talk to him.

Cate Masters said...

Ha, I'm thinkin' Iko put you up to it. He knows it means more treats for him.

Maria Zannini said...

Cate: Oh, boy, you know him well. He is such a ham bone.

As much trouble as he'd been growing up, he really is unbelievably sweet natured.

Cate Masters said...

I meant to add: Devil to Pay is on my TBB list. Just finished Apocalypse Rising and loved it!

How did you add those Tweet and FB buttons anyway? I looked but couldn't find an option. Very cool!

Giora said...

Look at the eyes of the puppy. Who can resist his plea to buy your book? Do you write about your dogs in your novels?

Madeleine said...

So sooooooo cute! I asked hubby to guess what breed the puppy was and he came up with Labrador and then suggested St.Bernard! LOL! Bless! I am still trying to educate him.
Good luck with book sales :O)

Linda Leszczuk said...

But I already bought it. Twice! It's okay, Iko - I've shared your plight on my FB page. Someone will save you.

(mean ole Mommy)

Maria Zannini said...

Cate: I'll email you in a minute.

Giora: Strangely enough, I don't write about my dogs, thought occasionally a pooch shows up. In the next book, Cerberus will make an appearance as a 3-headed rottweiler.

Madeleine: A Saint Bernard? LOL. Keep working on him.

Linda: I love you--even if you think I'm mean. :p

And Iko thanks you. He loves the attention.

James Garcia Jr said...

Oh, Maria. Forgive my French when I use the following to describe my reaction to your post: LMAO!

Is it still like a classic KISS song down there (Hotter Than Hell)?
I hope not. Take care.

*wipes tear*


Maria Zannini said...

Jimmy: Believe it or not I was afraid some people would take me seriously. I don't know--maybe some did. But it was all in good fun.

Ref: heat
Believe it or not we got a break yesterday and a little bit of rain. I think it's going back to the 100s today, but it sure was nice to see rain yesterday.

Ellie Garratt said...

Nooooo. Not the puppy!