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Friday, August 19, 2011

Linky Love For All

I think I need a mental health day. So I will leave you with some linky love.

From the other day, visit LD Masterson and help her rebuild her follower list which she lost when she had to change the name of her blog. Leave her a nice comment so she knows you came by to visit.


If you want to do something nice for me, you can vote for my cover for The Devil To Pay. It is WAY behind in the polls, but honestly, it is the best one there. It deserves to win. If you agree, please vote and tell your friends. The poll is on the right hand side of the page.


Author Marketing Experts had an interesting post called: The Next Ten E-Book Trends To watch For. Food for thought.

The Passive Voice is one of my all time favorite blogs. I love this guy. He parses complicated information into bite-sized morsels and interjects his evaluation in down to earth language. He's also hanging his lawyer shingle back up and can vet your contract for a fee. Go here for more information.


One of the best tips I've seen all week is from E-book Endeavors with the post: How To Get People To Read Your Old Blog Posts. Great advice that I'll be implementing myself.

It's been another rough week, but we made it, didn't we? What's on tap for the weekend for you?


Misha said...

Thanks for the links. Have a happy mental health day. ;-)

Sarita said...

Maria, I hope you enjoy your little break. Some weeks seem real bumpy, don't they? I keep praying you'll get rain in Texas. Wish I could send some of the NY raindrops your way!

Plans for the weekend? The usual...canning, writing, walking through the meadow. A dear friend is coming to visit tomorrow so that will be a nice change.

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

ooh, i'm going to check out some of those links right now.
Me? This weekend i will be dressing up and partaking of the opening day of the MN Renfest! Oh man, i can't wait!

DRC said...

Voted. The cover for Spartan Heart was interesting, but the title didn't stand out from the busy background enough. Yours still got and deserved the vote.

LD Masterson said...

Not sure how many times I get to say thank you before I cross the line into sloppy, but thanks again. You really helped me gain some followers and discover some new, interesting blogs to follow.

Relax, have a nice glass of wine, stay cool, hug the boys, have a nice glass of wine, find a good book you can just read (WIP's or crit partners don't count), forget about the chores, put your feet up...did I mention a nice glass of wine?

Darke Conteur said...

Voted and good luck! As for what's on the agenda for this weekend? Not sure.

Husband wants to go to a chicken wing restaurant one last time before he gets his cholesteral level checked. He'll need the month to rid his body of all that deep-fried chicken skin.

You'd think he'd learn by now...

Maria Zannini said...

Misha: Thanks. It's long overdue.

Sarita: Have fun with your company. If they ever invent instant teleportation, yours is the first place I'm hitting. :)

Sarah: Lucky dog! I love Ren fests. Ours happen in May before the heat digs in.

DRC: I know I'm partial, but I really do think it deserves to win. Thanks a bunch for your support!!

Linda: Aw, you know I'm just softenin' you up before I ask to borrow money. ;-) Glad I introduced you to some new blogs.

Darke: Those fried chicken wings will get you every time. Hope he enjoys them.

Mason Canyon said...

Thanks for the great links. Voted and keeping my fingers crossed for your cover.

We're looking for some relief from the heat here. Hoping for some rain. Have a great weekend.

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jackie b central texas said...

Good links and have a good Friday Maria. Mental Health is part of your physical health too, without them both being in good shape they can cause you more problems than you can shake a stick at!

Angela Brown said...

Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing.

Charlie said...

Great links. Thanks. Enjoy a few moments of rest!

Maria Zannini said...

Mason: I hope you get your rain. I'm getting so desperate, I'm even dreaming of rain. LOL.

Jackie: In that case, I might need a whole year. I can easily see myself living in the tropics for a year. :)

Angela: They were pretty good this week.

Cate: I think the weather is getting to me. I'm so worried about our animals and plants. Everything else is taking a backseat.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the shout out, Maria! :)

Maria Zannini said...

You're welcome, Lindsay. Great post!