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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blast From the Past, Rheas

I had to share this video that a friend of ours took of Greg, and the rheas we used to raise way back when.

Greg no longer has hair that long. ...come to think of it, neither do I.

Many thanks to Bill for sending this our way. It brought back a lot of fond memories.

Note: The video is labeled as emus, but these are actually rheas. The big bird that's dancing with Greg was called Grumpy--for obvious reasons.

We had just started our rhea ranch. I can tell by looking at the background that some walls hadn't yet been put up, or any of the back pens. And we were young! LOL. Fortunately, there is no footage of me in this video. (Thank you, Bill!)

I know it must sound silly to everyone out there, but I couldn't stop grinning when I watched this. We were in our prime, doing what we loved best.

Guess the Title Contest

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• There are two 'Os' in the title.
• Something in cover art is integral to the title.
• There are two S's in the third word of the title.

And here is today's hint:
• There is one 'H' in the title.

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Creepy Query Girl said...

isn't it neat when you find an old video like that? No wonder you couldn't help grinning! What a great memory and look at those birds! So neat!

Maria Zannini said...

CQG: It was almost another life ago. :)

Mike Keyton said...

A real class act!

Here's another

raelynbarclay said...

What a great memory! Thanks for sharing that. How long did you guys raise the rheas?

LD Masterson said...

Argh! I have no sound. My old monitor had integrated speakers and the one I just installed doesn't. Haven't been back to the store to get speakers.

However, that video makes a rather interesting silent movie. Why was the big bird so angry at the blue shirt? I could tell why it was angry at the mean old man holding it by the throat but it went back to biting the blue shirt.

You lead a very interesting life.

Maria Zannini said...

Mike: I remember that Johnny Carson bit.

Raelyn: I'm not sure now. It was at least seven years though because I left for Dallas in 2000.

Linda: You MUST get sound. LOL. Half the fun are the quips being bandied about.

The rhea is angry because someone has entered his seraglio. He's protecting his harem of two hens.

He was probably the most aggressive of all the males we ever owned. He was a great bird and fathered some impressive chicks.

I miss that life. I've done a lot of interesting things, but this was one of my favorites.

Angela Brown said...

Thanks for sharing this video. I think I'd be like the other guy, very, very cautious.

When that male rhea got to posturing, it looked beautiful but ready to peck-for-pain to any invaders.

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: It smarts to get bit, but their kick is worse than their bite.

Charlie said...

What a great video! Thanks for sharing, Maria.

Marian Perera said...

Maria, I can honestly say I've never stared as long at a book cover as I did at yours while trying to figure out the title.

I still don't have anything that makes sense, so I'll have to wait for the next clue. :S

Maria Zannini said...

Charlie: The big birds were an amazing experience.

Marian: LOL. I wasn't sure how to run a Hangman contest through a blog, but I think giving clues will help--I hope. Thanks for playing.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

awww, i can't watch the video at work. i'll have to check it out because i'm super excited to see the rheas!

Kelley said...

I <3 finding old videos of myself :) Doesn't happen too often. I was (am) such a dork. lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

Clarissa Draper said...

Cool video. I have never heard of a rhea before.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks for popping in, ladies.

Clarissa: Rheas are a South American bird, a relative of the ostrich.

Margaret M. Fisk said...

I remember you talking about raising them. Great to see it in "person" :).

Maria Zannini said...

Margaret: It was one of those periods in our lives that I'll count as the most fun and interesting.