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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Reads

I had planned on a bigger post on new releases, but time and computer problems worked against me. Feel free to plug your book in the comments though. 

Yesterday was my birthday, and as birthdays go, it'll go down in history as one of my worst. I still have my strays, the poor things no closer to finding their true owners. 

And after crashing seven times, I returned my NEW computer to the store. Best Buy has lost a customer due to their Draconian return policies.

If you wrote me between March 13 and yesterday, I probably lost your email in the system wipe. If you need an answer, please email me again. 

But all was not lost. I got sweet birthday wishes from some close friends, great company, some nifty gifts, and lunch. My friend, Mel tried to talk me into making it a drinking lunch, but alas, it was too early for me.

But the next best thing to alcohol are freebies...

Check out Cate Master's new release, Dancing With The Devil. She's giving it away free until March 31st. 

Part goddess, part angel, part demon, can Lily summon the powers she never knew she had to free herself and make her own destiny?

And if you want a taste of a whole lot of books, check out KS Augustin's Sandal Press Sampler.

There's plenty here to whet your appetite.
  • War Games
  • It’s 10am, Why Am I Still Sober?
  • The Check Your Luck Agency
  • Quinten’s Story

If you have a brand new release, go ahead and pitch it. I plan to do some nice stress-free reading this weekend.


Suzanne McLeod said...

Aw, Happy Birthday for Yesterday! Huge hugs for it not being a great one. xx

Angelina Rain said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sorry it wasn't the best. Hope all the birthdays that follow get better and better.

Mariann Arkins said...

Happy Birthday a little bit late. Hope your computer woes clear up soon.

Maria Zannini said...

Suzanne, Angelina, Marianne: Thank you! A birthday is just another day, but it was one of those days I wouldn't want to repeat on any occasion.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Maria! I hope the rest of the year goes smoothly to make up for yesterday.

Mike Keyton said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday, too, Maria. All I can say ref your computer problems is what I say to my daughter when things are going badly. 'Take several deep breaths and realise what a miracle you are.' It puts many problems in a healthier perspective. Mind, I'm still puzzled as to why Facebook didn't post a reminder. Nevermind. Hope this year is good for you

Raelyn Barclay said...

Happy belated birthday (marking the actual date on my calendar now)! Sorry yesterday was one of THOSE days.

Best Buy lost us after a DVD player disaster. Just as well, Fry's is closer...and cheaper. Sorry to hear you aren't having much luck in the fur baby department.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend reading and recharging!

Maria Zannini said...

Sandra: Anything from yesterday is a step up. :)

Mike: I think when I was fussing with the Facebook admin stuff, I might've deleted showing my birthday status on FB. Either that or FB has it against me too. LOL.

Best Buy: I don't know what it is with Best Buy. It's fine for software and dvds, but we always have trouble with their electronics. Frys is farther away, but it's a small price to pay considering the trouble I've had with Best Buy.

Angela Brown said...

Happy belated Birthday, Maria. I don't seem to have this birthday thing down for anybody except the Chipmunk. Guess it's hard to forget hers since I was there the day she was born lol!!

Sorry to hear the NEW computer had to be returned. That's just ridiculous. I haven't shopped at Best Buy before. Haven't had a chance to experience this return policy of theirs. Sounds like something to avoid.

Still no word about the owners of the strays? Sad really. Makes it seem they really may have been dropped off in the country. Hoping Tank and Iko haven't formed plans of attack yet.

Cate Masters said...

Oh man, computer problems are the worst. Maybe that's why Best Buy's having financial woes right now. They're closing 50 stores in our area. Hope your newest new computer's working.
Thanks for the mention for Dancing With the Devil! I'm so excited it reached #38 in Kindle bestsellers for romance (so far, ha! I'm an optimist. :))
Next year you'll have to plan a huge celebration to overshadow any snags. Ah, just go out and celebrate this weekend to make up for it! Cheers!

Diane Dooley said...

Oh, sorry you had such a disappointing birthday. Computer woes and dogs in need of a home - not good. But thank you for the link to the downloads. 'Dancing With The Devil' is now on my Kindle. That is an absolutely gorgeous cover. I don't need the Sandal Press sampler, though I urge others to try it out - I already know that Augustin is one of my 'must reads.' I've been very impressed with the beautiful design of the Sandal Press books, too.

I hope things improve soon, Maria!

Southpaw said...

Happy Birthday! Yikes, sorry to hear about your computer. Boooo! But yeah and thanks for the freebies!

Sarah Ahiers said...

what the hell is going on with your new computer?! Did you return it, or are you stuck with it?

Jackie Burris said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes Maria, once more missed sending you a card because forgot to write it on my calendar. Anyway sounds like you had a few "bright" moments to make up for the not so great ones.
If you are using your old computer does that mean your email is now available to send you something?
Sounds like it but checking before I try.
Hopefully your uninvited "guests" do not end up being taken to the shelter you mentioned before, but it sounds like no one misses them and I agree with Angela that maybe they were dropped off by someone who vacated the area and did not want the dogs to go with them for whatever reason.
Hugs and here is to a good weekend ahead, may you enjoy it with no further drama!

James Garcia Jr. said...

How did I not know you had a birthday? *turns and glares at staff* I humbly apologize and can assure you that someone will be fired for not passing on this information... Heck, can I fire myself? Believe me, sometimes I should be fired. ;)
I'm sorry life has been mean to you of late. I hope it gets better soon. Belated birthday wishes to you, Maria. *hugs*


Maria Zannini said...

Angela: I contacted to Lab Rescue groups too and they haven't responded either. :(

Cate: Other than a belated birthday dinner with hubby, I plan to take it easy for a few days.

Diane: Isn't that a great cover? I love it too!

Southpaw: Thanks!

Sarah: I returned the computer but they refused to refund the fee for transferring files. Considering all the hoops they made me jump, it was the least they could do for me. I'd write a letter to corporate but I have a feeling they really don't care.

Jackie: :crosses fingers: I think my email is working. But if you sent me anything two weeks prior I probably don't have it anymore. I lost everything up to March 13.

Jimmy: Please don't fire anyone--unless it's a Best Buy. Thanks for the hugs and birthday wishes.

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I'm so sorry things are sucking so bad right now. I hope it all gets better soon. And happy birthday! I hate Best Buy as well. Boycott!

Shelley Munro said...

Belated happy birthday, Maria. I hope your computer woes and dog problems sort themselves out soon!!

Kaz Augustin said...

Bummer on the computer woes, M. Wish I was closer so I could help out. But thanks ever so much for thinking of me with the Sampler...and for your comment as well, Diane! Big smooches to both of you.

And good luck with the book, Cate. That really IS an awesome cover. I'd try the book but can't buy/read ANY Kindle books where I live, not even my own! :(

Jennifer Shirk said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie!!!! I'm sorry you've had a tough one. {{{HUGS}}}
I just downloaded Cate's book! Thx!

Jay Paoloni said...

Here's one more birthday wish.
Hope things improved a bit since that eerie Thursday!
Am now a follower!


Maria Zannini said...

Barbara: Best Buy is officially on my Bad Side.

Shelley: The dog woes continue. Off to the vet.

Kaz: Isn't that a great cover? I think she hit it out of the park with that one.

Jennifer: I hope you like the book!

Jay: Welcome, Jay! And thanks for the birthday wishes.

LM Preston said...

Oh wow I'm going to grab up some of these new reads!

Melissa McClone said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Last week was crazy with getting my daughter off and then a weekend writing thing for me so I wasn't blog hopping as usual!

I am so sorry for the computer woes.

Maria Zannini said...

LM: Hope you enjoy them. Kaz and Cate are two of the best!

Melissa: I think the whole world has been uber busy lately.