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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Third Fate

Attention all Highlander lovers! My buddy, Nadja Notariani has a new book out. It's called The Third Fate. Isn't that a gorgeous cover?!

Cautious and quiet by nature, Paige Kinnell watches life unfold from the sidelines, maintaining her simple existence as a shield to hide behind. But underneath her shy, careful ways, Paige senses a disconnect with the world around her, indulging instead her ever curious interest in the legend and lore of time nearly forgotten.

One chance encounter with an ancient of the undead begins an unraveling of reality as Paige knows it, leaving her to sort through dreams and enchantments, discovering along the way that one's Fate can be mere illusion, and that the consequences of opening her heart to another may cost dearly.

Cael Maccinnis, the handsome Highlander she's met, seems the answer to every unspoken longing of her heart, even as he awakens dark, secret desires buried within her soul. As strange and unnerving changes begin occurring in her mind and body, Paige has no choice but to face her life's unnatural turn and confront the frightening implications. For within Paige's past a secret lay dormant, hidden even from her. This truth, guarded well and wielded by the Fates themselves, becomes the catalyst invoking the power of The Third Fate.

Now be good people and pop over to Nadja's Amazon link and Like the page and click on the book tags to give her a little more visibility. 

One thing many people don't realize is how important it is to tag, Like, tweet and post the book title and author, especially in the first couple of weeks of release. It really helps to put them on the map and makes the algorithms that Amazon (and Google) use think it's something that needs to go to the top of the leader board.

So help a pal out. If you love Celtic mythology, you can't go wrong here. If you've read the book, don't forget to leave a review. For that matter, leave a review for any book you were excited to read. It's all good Karma. I know I always remember the people who've reviewed me.


Update from our recent tornadoes:

I was very pleased to see how everyone in our area helped pick up the pieces. One high school football team, of their own volition, hauled off debris that devastated their small town. 

Another older lady seemed to wander aimlessly, picking up an assortment of papers. In fact, what she was doing was collecting photos that had scattered all over her neighborhood. She was trying to save them from getting rained on or destroyed until she could find the rightful owners.

In my neck of the woods, someone fired up a giant grill and served meals to all the emergency personnel while they were trying to restore power and secure homes.

We have some really good people in our area. Generosity begins with the individual. How nice the world would be if we all did something for someone without being asked.

Thursday, barring any more catastrophes, I will make an announcement of the happier variety.

PS: Blogger has returned "Subscribe to comments" to the pop up window, so I have switched back to pop ups. It's squeezed in tightly under "Choose an identity". Thank you, Blogger!


Angelina Rain said...

I'm so glad to heard that the people are helping each other through this. Your mention of the photo picking lady gave me a plot idea for a short story. Now one must find time to write.

Thanks for letting me know about that book. I will make sure to like it and tag it when I get home from work today.

PS: Hope all your furbabies are doing well. Give them all a big hug and kiss from me.

L.G.Smith said...

Sorry to hear about your tornado. I missed that while I was away on my trip. Hope everyone is okay.

And I do love a good highlander story. :))

Maria said...

I feel lucky after reading about your tornado, I admire you, just getting on with everything and taking it all in your stride.

I hope everything settles soon.

I'll be checking that book out too.

Melissa McClone said...

What a pretty book cover!

That's great how everyone is pitching in with the recovery efforts.

BTW, not sure where you are with your frugal way writing efforts, but I learned a big lesson this past week when I was cleaning out and organizing my pantry. I was an extreme couponer before I didn't have the time to keep it up. But I wasn't organized with how I stored food. I found so much stuff I forgot I had that was expired. A good thing I'd gotten most of it nearly free or on super sale. But that's one part of couponing I totally overlooked!

Maria Zannini said...

Angelina: Kisses delivered. :)

LG: Amazingly, no one died from the twisters, though one lady did die shortly after the storms. The news people didn't say if it was directly related or not.

Maria: Welcome! 'In stride' is relative. :) After the puppy died, we were both pretty stressed and depressed, but we are managing.

Maria Zannini said...

Melissa: The books are done. I really need to put them out, but what with losing my computer, then the internet, then the puppy, then the storm damage, not to mention putting in the two gardens, I've had my hands full.

I'll try to get them both out later this month.

Ref: rotation
LOL. This is the REAL secret to saving money. You have to know what you have.

When I buy new groceries, I always place them behind the older cans or packages, so I use them last. I learned that lesson the hard way too many years ago.

Raelyn Barclay said...

Nadja's book is already on my radar :) and you know me, anything Scottish...

Love hearing about people pulling together. Hope all is returning to 'normal' for you.

Maria Zannini said...

Raelyn: We are keeping a close eye on Tank. He's not been feeling well. Vet visit tomorrow.

Angela Brown said...

Got to love it when people do what is good and beneficial to so many others. The woman collectiing photos, young buff men, picking up debris, grilling for the emergency persons out and about...that's the stuff that makes me proud :-)

And I'm proud of Nadja's The Third Fate. It is a wonderful read that gave me a "warmer" appreciation for Celtic mythos and Highlander hunks.

Nadja Notariani said...

Hi Maria! Thanks so much for the shout out! Really. It is so kind.

I'm glad things are returning to normal after those awful storms! Friends of ours who used to live in Iowa when all that flooding occured told us that people pitched in and helped one another during and after that tragedy, too. It renewed their faith in the human spirit.

Jackie Burris said...

We do not have to wait for good tidings, the feeling of community spirit you described has left a smile on my face. But then you mentioned Tank feeling out of sorts and now my anxiety is back, here is to a clean bill of health for your boyish tomorrow from the vet.

(On another side note could you email me when you get a chance this week? I need to share some garden photos with you Maria but cannot find your gmail address because apparently have never added your name to it and have 4 Maria's with gmail in my contacts, only one of whom I know the person it goes to! LOL)

Jackie Burris said...

BTW, meant to call Tank "boyo " and my idiot phone changed it to boyish in the actual sent comment, hate that auto correct feature!

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: The news people were saying another high school group was helping with disaster relief and not a single one was texting, FBing, talking on their cells or goofing off. All of them were working hard. Good kids.

Nadja: You're welcome!

Jackie: Will email you in a bit. I grabbed the computer for a second while Greg took a break from doing the taxes.

Marianne Arkins said...

First -- I'm insanely behind on blog-hopping, so am SO sorry about Biscuit! It makes me so sad and angry on so many levels. Parvo is easy to avoid with a simple and not expensive shot. At least he had lots of love before he passed.

RE: tornadoes -- they truly frighten me more than any other natural disaster in their random violence. I'm so glad your homestead was basically unscathed. Good for the kids and others who banded together to help those who were affected.

I really hope and pray things are better for you -- you've been hit and hit and hit. It's time for the good stuff to start!


Shelley Munro said...

It's awesome belonging to a community like that, and I'm glad that things are starting to return to normal. I hope Tank is okay.

Nadja's book sounds interesting. Love the cover. I'm off to check it out.

Maria Zannini said...

Marianne: Several of my neighbors have storm shelters and now I know why.

Even if we just build a root cellar (which I've always wanted anyway), it'll be safer than being in a house surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. That last tornado was way too close.


Shelley: It was really heart-warming to see so many people roll up their sleeves--especially so many young people.

Claudia Del Balso said...

Oh, Maria, humans are resilient indeed. It's always nice to see generosity at its best. So happy to hear you and your family are okay. Keep us posted please.

Maria Zannini said...

Claudia: As a resident, it makes me proud. It was much the same after Hurricane Rita.