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Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events, but then there was Beer

It's been insane around here. We've been hemorrhaging money on repairs and replacements. Poor Greg had to do two brake jobs in as many days. Thank goodness he has the know-how. I'd hate to think what it would've cost us otherwise.

We've literally been running from fire to fire trying to fix things before they get worse. It's a little too early to tell, but I think we finally turned the corner.

There was one bright spot that landed in our email box. My niece sent me a video her husband and his partners created for their new megatron idea. My nephew-in-law is a brew master and he's teamed up with two other guys to start a micro brewery.

They created a Kickstarter program to raise funding for their brewery. If you're a beer lover, or know someone who is passionate about his brewski, send them this link to see how they can be a part of beer history.

The marketing is clever. The logo is excellent. And the video was amazingly well done. I'm not even a beer connoisseur and I felt smarter just watching this video.

Check it out and pass this on to anyone who might be interested. You'll be helping these young fellas get a leg up in the business.

Do you know your beers? I had no idea they could be so complex and layered.

I promise I'll do the homestead update next week. I just need some time to recover. 

PS  Pop over to Back to Basics to see if you won one of the prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Angelina Rain said...

Wow. I'm not a beer drinker but those look great. I would try the first two. So which one is your in-law?

Giacomo Giammatteo said...

Thanks for sharing, Maria. It was an interesting video and very well done. Tell your nephew-in-law we wish him well. It seems like they're passionate about it.

Angela Brown said...

They put me in the mind of young Sam Adams brewers in the making. I'm floored and excited by this. I love it because the folks I do know, that drink beer, tend toward Corona, Shiner Bock, Guiness and other overseas flavors. These young men are making this here in the USA, entrepreneurship at it's finest. That is SCHWEET!

Maria Zannini said...

Angelina: He's the giant with the reddish hair. :)
My niece is no bigger than I am, (I'm tiny) so they make an adorable pair.

Jim: I will. I'm very proud of all of them. It's tough to get a business off the ground.

Angela: I know next to nothing about beer, but I was fascinated at how complex it could be. To hear my nephew-in-law talk is like talking to a geneticist.

Diane Carlisle said...

There's one thing I can tell you about beer. I drink it, lots of it. lol

A guy at my work brews his own and each time he does, he brings a couple bottles to work to give away to friends who also enjoy beer. :)

Good luck to your nephew-in-law.

Charlee said...

I don't usually drink beer, so I was surprised with my brother-in-law took me to a tasting and I really enjoyed it. Apparently, the right beer at the right temp and with the right food can make all the difference.Good luck to your niece et al.

Maria Zannini said...

Diane: My nephew-in-law is as passionate about the process of beer-making as we are about telling stories. Maybe at its heart, it's the same thing.

Charlee: This is so true! I'm not normally a beer drinker, but hubby always offers me a taste of whatever he's having and there are some beers I like more than others.

Sadly, I haven't found a coffee I like. LOL. I may go to my death never drinking coffee.

Raelyn Barclay said...

I've toured the Widmer brewery...fascinating stuff. Coming from the micro brewery capital, LOL, I do like my micro brews :) Good luck to your nephew-in-law.

Sorry about the repair/replacement hell. We're going through similar trials. Hope you've turned that corner.

Mike Keyton said...

I'm not even a beer connoisseur and I felt smarter just watching this video. No...Wrong response, Maria. It should be ' I'm not even a beer connoisseur and I felt thirsty, thirsty, thirsty just watching this video!

I hope things go well. What we call 'real ale' is very, very sucessful over here. Who knows, these guys could be the Ben and Jerry +1 of Craft beer. Fingers crossed.

Maria Zannini said...

Raelyn: Sometimes I think bad luck likes to run with company. Everything will be fine for months at a time, then all of a sudden everything breaks down at once.

Mike: Ref: Who knows, these guys could be the Ben and Jerry +1 of Craft beer.

Oh, Mike. That was priceless! I hope they stop by and see your comment.

Micro breweries have a very loyal following here. I don't know how big the demographic is, but it's much loved, at least in the towns I've lived in.

Nadja Notariani said...

That is intereting..although the only beer I like is Guinness, which my husband says tastes like burnt Needless to say, he's not a fan of that brew.

Sure hope the financial wound heals ...and quick! When it rains - it pours, right? Ha!

Melissa McClone said...

I love microbreweries. Have used them in books! Portland is where many brewers come to learn the business. One said Portland is to beer making as Hollywood is to acting! I went on a brew tour through the district where many are located. Fascinating.

Shelley Munro said...

I like microbrewery beer too. A pity we're so far away! Loved the logo.

Shirley Wells said...

What an amazing video. So well done. And I loved Simba. I wish them every success with their new venture! I'll be looking out for Blue Nose Brewery.

I hope all the repairs and replacements have been sorted now. It all happens at once, doesn't it?

Have a great weekend, Maria.

Jennifer Shirk said...

The video isn't coming up for me.

I know a little bit about beers because my hubby drags me to microbrews--especially when we lived in NE. LOL He loves to try new microbrews all the time too.

Cate Masters said...

Your hubby sounds like mine - an expert at almost everything, and definitely handy to have around.
The few times I've tried to drink beer haven't agreed with me. If only margaritas had the same effect, lol

Maria Zannini said...

Nadja: It's a shame good luck doesn't drench me as heavily as bad luck. :)

Melissa: I had a crit partner research early beer making. Our ancestors were awfully smart.

Shelley: I thought the whole thing was classy and polished. They did good.

Maria Zannini said...

Shirley: I wish I was that talented. :) The concept for the video was excellent.

Jennifer: It didn't? I wonder why. You can always go straight to the link. It really is pretty cool.

Cate: You and me were no dumb bunnies when we chose our husbands. LOL. I knew what I was doing!

broken biro said...

My internet's a bit ropey just now so the video keeps stopping but I get the gist... I love my 'real' ales and was well impressed by the quality and variety of US beers when I was in Arizona earlier in the year... good luck to him!