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Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Mistress, Less Maria

I had hoped by now my knee would've healed enough for me to return to yoga, but it's still not strong enough. I really slammed hard on it this time. Worse yet, I never found my relocated orthopedist. I know he lives in a city pretty far from me, so my guess is he probably restarted his practice there. Too far for me, I'm afraid.

Mistress of the Stone got off to a rousing start and I'm so grateful for your tweets, posts, reviews and 'Likes'.

LD Masterson is still holding a contest and is buying one commenter a copy of Mistress of the Stone. She didn't tell me how long she's holding the contest open, but I'm sure she'll leave it up at least a week--especially since we're in a holiday weekend in the states.  Thank you, Linda for the generous offer! Go over there and enter. Then be a pal and follow Linda. She's one of the good guys--and she has a cute dog too.

Angelina Rain also slipped in a mention of Mistress of the Stone. Angelina has published quite a bit recently and she just announced a new anthology coming out with a few other authors called, Cauldron of Tales. Great title and great cover too. Check her out!

Angela Brown has been a blogging tornado since the day she started. And she was kind enough to let Tank and Iko shanghai her blog for the day. Do pop over and give my pirate dogs a bone. --a meaty bone, please. They are rather particular.

Jackie Burris, book blogger and long time fan posted her review of Mistress of the Stone. Does it get any better than to have a book blogger also be a fan? Book reviewers are inundated with requests so I'm always grateful when they take the time to read one of my books.

Giacomo Giammatteo has been sharing my posts on Facebook and Tweeting like crazy. Thank you, Jim! If we lived closer, I'd make you Mexican lasagna. (I already know I can't compete with Mikki's Italian lasagna.)

Go and add Jim to your blog reading. His posts are wonderful. 

I'm serious. They're really good. Go.


I plan on giving a more complete report on how this release went, but there have been a couple of curious side notes I wanted to mention.

Aside from a few emails that smelled a little spammish, there's been an increase in friend requests on Facebook and Goodreads and several new Twitter followers. I've also had an increase in guest post requests, including one request that offered PAYMENT. All this without me ever asking for anything. Not bad.

My email box is overflowing so I'm reading and researching each request before I respond. I've been away from home a lot the last couple of days, thanks to Greg and his evil plot to keep me from working on the homestead. But Greg has returned to places south and I'll be staying put now. I had to give my solemn promise to rest my bum leg. :grumble:

I've had companies offer to pay me for my blog posts before, but it always seemed like a hassle to collect funds so I've declined. Do any of you have any experience with paid posts? How do you handle transactions of this sort? Is it worth it?

We're expecting triple digits later this week, but the nights are getting cooler. Fall can't be too far away. How's the weather by you? Anyone live near Mississippi or Louisiana?


Angela Brown said...

It was so much fun having Tank and Iko over at my blog. You've trained your boys well :-)

Given I'm doing this whole, "Hey, look at me world. I'm putting out a book" shindig, it would be nice to see if establishing your brand, as you have, is one of the keys to not having to run the gambit of blogs from here to Timbuktu to let the world know of your book releasing.

And rest that leg, Maria. We want you good and healthy to tell us tales of the homestead when you can attack things with vigor.

As for payments for posts, not something I've done. But I'd think Paypal would be the secure way to go.

Ellie Garratt said...

I think rest is needed, young lady.

I've been approached before about paid blog posts but didn't have the time to seriously consider it. I agree with Angela, Paypal seems the best payment option. I wouldn't have a clue about how much a writer should expect to be paid though.

L.G.Smith said...

Okay, I'm a little shocked to learn that people get paid for blog posts. But I think I'm naive. I didn't know people paid for book reviews either. :PP

Hope that knee gets to feeling better. And sending more good vibes your way for the book release!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Praying for my relatives in Picayune, MS. Glad your release blazed.
Never heard anything about getting paid for blog posts. Sounds worth looking into.

LD Masterson said...

Well, I'm sure glad you reminded me - the last day for entries in my giveaway is next Thursday, September 6. I've set the deadline for 5:00 pm so I can include the winner in Friday's post.

But just to make things interesting, I've just announced that if I get 20 entries before the deadline, I'll give away a copy of Mistress to two lucky winners.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Congrats on your new release!!!

But sorry about your knee...

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay! Glad to hear everything went great! I'm off to check out some of those links asap! And also, boo on the knee still being a bummer

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I'm so glad you're getting lots of attention. Remember me when you're rolling in your millions. ^_^

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: Books have at most two weeks to make a splash (which is where fans and friends come in). After that it has to rely on the author's reach (wherever she may be).

Ellie: The leg is in bad shape. I had hoped it would be better by now. :(

Maria Zannini said...

LG: Oh, sure. I get approached all the time about my posts and sometimes my pictures--though I think they get taken without compensation or recognition most of the time.


Susan: Mississippi always gets hit hard. The media keeps talking about New Orleans, but Mississippi suffers just as much. I don't know why the media focuses on Louisiana.

Maria Zannini said...

Linda: You are too kind. Thank you, dear friend.


Jennifer: Thanks, hon!

Maria Zannini said...

Sarah: Do check out the links. I follow a lot of interesting people.


Barbara: Ha! Attention I can get. It's getting paid that's hard.

Shelley Munro said...

Payment for posts isn't something I've done, but if you did I agree with Angela that PayPal is probably the way to go.

Melissa McClone said...

Glad it's gone so well for you!

Madeleine Maddocks said...

Sorry to hear the knee is still bugging you. I get bad neck and shoulder ache and that affects my computing/ reading my kindle for PC stuff. I really must get a proper kindle.
Paid blog posts. I'd probably avoid it. I agree hassle and would regard it suspiciously. I want my blog posts to reflect me and my interests not someone else.

Madeleine Maddocks said...

Oh and congrats in Mistress Stone, good luck with the launch.