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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ahoy, Matey. There be Pirates

The other day I got a whole box load of books from ye olde publisher. I have to admit, even though I prefer to read ebooks, there's nothing quite like the feel of a paper book. It's just vanity I suppose. And since I rarely indulge my vanity, I'll wallow in its coolness this once.

Mistress of the Stone releases in print July 2, 2013.

When I browsed through the book, I was pleased to find review blurbs from some big name reviewers too. Wow!

I promised my editor that I'd do some Goodreads giveaways and I might do a couple here too. I'm here to share da luv...and da luv of pirates. There are plenty in this book, along with ghosts, ghouls, and gargoyles.

Are you still a diehard print book fan or do you read more ebooks now? It happened so gradually with me I didn't realize that the majority of my reading was now 90% digital. 

How'd that happen?


DRC said...

Nothing beats a book in the flesh - especially when it's your own book - so you wallow away :) Well done!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Those are gorgeous, Maria! Congratulations. I hope you sell tons. =o)

If you need any help with generating book buzz, let me know. I've got a couple of avenues I can use.

As for reading, until recently I didn't have an ereader, so the majority of my reads were hardcopy. But since I got the Kindle, I've been reading on that thing like a madwoman. Sometimes it's just easier than reading a printed book. (They're still my first love, though, so I'll never totally give them up.)

Stacy McKitrick said...

I still prefer the paper. I have a Nook, and a few books on it, but order (and read) mostly the print kind.

James Garcia Jr. said...

Very cool! Ultimately I'd rather have the hardback, truth be told. I also miss throwing a record on the turntable and singing along with the lyrics or studying album artwork. Yet, there I am every Tuesday, sniffing around iTunes for new music. We just can't beat the convenience of digital versions of everything.


Maria Zannini said...

DRC: I'm wondering if Samhain is using different cover stock. This cover feels velvety--or maybe it's me being so covetous.

My precious.


R. Mac Wheeler said...

100% tablet


Maria Zannini said...

BE: Thanks! I'll email you tonight when I get back home.

Re: digital
I think what's encouraged my e-reading is the ability to increase the size of the text. That's been a godsend for me.

Sandra Almazan said...

Cool cover, Maria!

Most of my reading is on the Kindle these days. I bring it everywhere, and I prefer e-ink over paper. There are some genres (like cookbooks and children's books) that work better in paper, but I overall prefer carrying my library with me instead of letting books sit about. (Not that there's anything wrong with having a ton of books in the house.)

BTW, would you be interested in being interviewed by the Blog Ring of Power? Please e-mail me (sandraATsandraulbrichDOTcom) if you are.

Maria Zannini said...

Stacy: I miss touching the paper. There's a primal comfort to it, but ebooks are easier on my eyes.

Plus, I don't have to haul 40 boxes of books when I move--like last time. Oy.

Maria Zannini said...

Mac: Absolutely! I'm waiting for my husband to get tired of his iPad so I can inherit it. A tablet is more useful than a dedicated ebook reader.

Maria Zannini said...

Sandra: Digital is ideal for fiction because I'll only read it once (usually). The only time I buy paper now is for nonfiction.

Re: interview
Let me email you tonight when I get home. You just want to interview me, right? Not the chickens or the dogs? :)


Maria Zannini said...

Jimmy: Wait. Records? Vinyl records? No way. You're too young to remember vinyl.

I miss the cool artwork of album covers.

Mike Keyton said...

Tablets are good and they show book covers which my old kindle doesn't. However the old kindle is easier on the eyes. The worst thing for me about ebooks is that they are so damn easy to buy - and often free - and I have stuff I know I'll never read. I just feel good having them - which is silly : )

And yes, a great cover. They should fly off the shelves

Maria Zannini said...

Mike: Oh, that's true. I forgot how easy e-ink was on the eyes.

I know what you mean about amassing books. Sometimes I get a nudge from Amazon asking me to review this book or that one only to discover it's still on my TBR pile.

I do a big hunk of my reading in the winter, but our last winter was so mild I spent much of my time outside working.

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I like both, but I mostly read ebooks. There are a few I collect in paper, and I love looking in second hand bookstores for bargains. I've found that some out of print books are cheaper that way. They want too much for ecopies.

Sarah Ahiers said...

The book is beautiful!!
I'm about 50/50 print and ebook now. I suspect it will probably stay that way, though more and more of my print books are used.

OT: Do you know Stina Lindenblatt? She's on FB and is one of the blogger on the querytracker blog. Anyhoo, she got an offer from Carina Press and is looking for someone who's published with them to ask a few questions, and I thought of you!
If you're interested, her email is

Maria Zannini said...

Barbara: I think one of my favorite things is haunting old bookstores. You just never know what you'll find.

Maria Zannini said...

Sarah: Sure. I'll drop Stina a line.

Angela Brown said...

It's great reading from an ereader. But I can't deny the wonderful feel of curling up with a book with that freshly opened smell, the pages ripe for the reading :-)

Congrats on the soon-to-come paper release :-)

Jenny Schwartz said...

I find ebooks super-convenient, but Mistress of the Stone looks cool in print. So exciting!

Maria Zannini said...

Angela: There's a primal comfort to paper. It's not as efficient, but it is satisfying.

Maria Zannini said...

Jenny: It took me months to get used to that cover. LOL. I've finally made peace with it.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oooh, congrats!
I buy most of my books as ebooks, but it's still nice to have a book to hold.