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Friday, September 25, 2015

LASR Needs Your Blurbs

I was approached by Long and Short Reviews the other day to see if I'd be willing to blurb a book for them.

I don't blurb books as a rule. Much as some of my friends think I throw some influence, (partly because of my cheeky confidence) in truth I feel other people do this better than I would, especially since I don't write anymore.

Still, that doesn't mean I can't ask my blog readers to come forth and blurb a book if they're so inclined.

If you'd like to read a book and have the chance to blurb it, contact me and I'll put you in touch with the Admin staff at LASR. I was offered a paranormal romance, but I'm sure they have plenty of other genres.


Have you ever blurbed a book? Has your book ever been blurbed?

I think it's a great networking tool and another way to introduce new readers to your name. You might be doing something good for the author you're blurbing, but it's also putting your name out to a potential new set of readers too.


betty said...

Does blurb a book mean read it and review it on your blog? I used to do it; haven't done it in awhile, but scheduled to do it in November for a blogging friend. I'll pass this time around as the next few weeks will be busy ones here; don't want to over commit, but it is a great opportunity to get to read new books at someone else's expense.


Maria Zannini said...

Betty: Blurbing isn't a review but a recommendation--that is if you like the book. :)

Wikepedia has a good description:

Mike Keyton said...

I quite enjoy blurbing, especially after a good dinner. The only problem is I have so little time and a mountain of books I'm determined to read. I just don't have the time to read a book I may or may not enjoy. I need another lifetime, Maria. Several.

Maria Zannini said...

Mike: That's problem with most of us. Even retired, my day is full from the moment I wake up until I close my eyes at night.

Angela Brown said...

I wouldn't mind blurbing a book, especially if I like it.

Maria Zannini said...

I'll email you, Angela.