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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your Writing Stories

I am going out of town this afternoon, but I should be able to check on my blog by the time I reach my destination.

Yesterday, inspired by Tia Nevitt's example, I posted my writing story and invited you to do the same.

Boy, you guys surprised me. Not only did I get to know some of you a little bit better, but I even met new people, new blogs, new websites. Holy moley! I was having an internet high!

So to all you lurkers…yes, I know there were a lot of you, let me introduce you to the brave ones who posted. Check out their blogs and websites and expand your horizons. I hit the motherlode.

Of course, there's Tia, who not only has a personal blog at Tia's Writing Blog, but she also has the very wonderful Fantasy Debut blog. I don't tout reviewers that often, but you can't go wrong with Tia's reviews. She is honest, thoughtful and generous with her reviews and interviews. Check out both her sites.

Sarita Leone is a faker! She said she was ordinary. Ha! When I went to her sites I discovered a smorgasbord of talents. I don't know where to send you first. Sarita has several great writer blogs. There's her writing journal, From The Heart.

And Sarita Leone Pages appears to be a blog from her characters' pov. From The Garden is her garden diary. From The Kitchen is her recipe blog. (I was drooling here!)

My eyes didn't know where to land, there was so much to see. If you want to visit Sarita's website, go here.

Maripat, who happens to be one of my CPs, also dropped in yesterday. Maripat has two journals. One's on Blogger and the other is Live Journal. Maripat also moderates at Forward Motion too, a wonderful forum for any kind of writer.

Go visit her. And count yourself lucky if you get to know her.

Mari Carr is new to me. She's one of my fellow Samhain authors. She wrote her writer story here. Mari writes sexy books. Her latest is called Erotic Research. You can check it out here and also read the excerpt.

Through Mari, I also found some other interesting blogs that she's associated with. Her other blog is here. And she's also with The Kittens, a great little blog that has a lot of wonderful authors and some very interesting information.

Finally, there's Red Garnier. Red is another author I met through Samhain.

That is where we met, isn't it, Red? LOL!

The funny thing about writers is that you discover you often travel in similar circles. Red Garnier has some wonderful titles right now, including "Color My Heart", "Seven Sinners", and "I Take Thee". Not only that, Red has recently signed with NAL for her erotic contemporary title, "Satin Sash".

Red rocks! Check out her website and dare to call me a liar.

Mary F. who snuck in the back door popped in to say hello yesterday. I discovered that Mary belongs to one of my very favorite blogs, Wet Noodle Posse. This blog is terrific for excellent writing information. I always learn something there. And then there is Mary's personal blog, which is now on my reader (thank you!).

Rhian Cahill also popped in and her story is here! You can also visit her on her website.

This proves what a small world it is. Rhian is Mari's CP, whom I met through Samhain. It's kind of like the 7 steps to Kevin Bacon, only it's with Rhian Cahill. (grin)


Thanks to everyone who shared their stories! I really enjoyed them.


Sarita Leone said...

Oh Maria you made me smile. Thank you for all your lovely, kind words. You've begun my day on a high note!

Honestly, after I'd read your inspiring story, with your struggle with language and your determination to succeed, I felt very ordinary. I'm just a woman who's fortunate enough to do what she loves. Your story is an inspiring one that I won't forget. I am so happy for you; you've grabbed your dream. Way to go!

I'm off to visit the other blogs and websites. Thanks for sharing them! :)

Maria Zannini said...

I was so very glad to meet you, Sarita. I'm thrilled that you stopped by and introduced yourself.

J.K. Coi said...

Great stories everyone, I loved reading these!

Maria Zannini said...

It's just so neat that we have the technology available to know people better. And I got to add quite a few new blogs to my list.

nudge, nudge. You need to post your story.

J.K. Coi said...

okay okay, but it's nothing special

J.K. Coi said...

Look for it tomorrow

Maria Zannini said...

>>okay okay, but it's nothing special

JK: Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say. Confession time.

Tia Nevitt said...

Wow; a huge group of new writer blogs for me to explore! Thanks for all the kind mentions.