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About Me

Stolen from Texas soil as an infant, Maria Zannini grew up in Chicago where she learned how to walk fast and live vertically. She rushed back to Texas as soon as she was legal and discovered the great wide open. 

Chicago became a memory.

After years of working as an advertising artist and art director, Maria now lives in the middle of nowhere on six acres she calls heaven. Half a mile to the north is a lion refuge, to the south, there be alpacas.

Maria writes sensual stories of legend and mythos. 

She also designs book covers, advertising, web graphics and more

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Her books include:

Mistress of the Stone, a paranormal pirate story set in the early 16th century

Smart Budgets for Busy People (book 1, The Frugal Way)
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Smart Grocery Shopping (Book 2, The Frugal Way)

Garage Sale Bible (Book 3, The Frugal Way)

Chain of Souls, Book 2 of the Second Chances series.
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The Devil To Pay, a preternatural romance with angels, demons and shades. 
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True Believers a sultry science fiction romance 

Touch Of Fire, a post apocalyptic story set 1200 years in the future.

Apocalypse Rising is the sequel to Touch Of Fire.


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