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Because YOU asked, I'm going to tell you. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions from loyal readers. We'll change these out throughout the year, so feel free to send me your questions any time. Your blog could get some linky-love.

Do you name your chickens? I mean individually.

Yes, Linda. Yes, I do. But only a few, those who, despite my best intentions became pets. But the names aren't terribly original. They're names like Eagle, Red, Kamikaze and Dinner. Hmm...we seem to have an awful lot of Dinners in the bunch.

Of all the places that you have ever been in your life, which one was the hardest to leave behind when you moved away?

This is going to make me sound heartless, but I have no trouble moving away and starting over. But there was one time when my feet didn't want to budge from my spot. That was on a New Year's Eve. I had to leave Greg at the hospital when he nearly died of pneumonia. For a few scary hours, I thought I'd never see him again and they had to throw me out before I would leave.

Dru asks:
How many furbabies have you raised?

Not counting two dogs we fostered temporarily, we've had 13 dogs and one cat (who thought he was a dog) live with us. The majority of them have been rescues.

If you could go back in time, what era would you want to live in and why?

Now this is a tough question! I am a mega history buff. There are so many time periods I would love to explore. But to live in--for keeps? I think I'd like to go back to the early 1800s when people started exploring the territories of the US. I'd love to see virgin timber and mountains no man had yet climbed. 

--I'd also like to go back with a full medical kit, including antibiotics. I mean as long as I'm dreaming, there's no sense in going back unprepared. :grin: 

Other Questions

What do you write?
Romance, baby! With a twist of Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, and the Paranormal.

Why are your worlds so epic?
Cuz that's the way I roll. I research very thoroughly, building on what we know and extrapolating on what could be.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Plotter, but a very sketchy one. All my outlines are less than a couple of pages long. Each chapter is described in three sentences.