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Photo Ops

My Boys
I am a dog person. Hear me woof! 

All our dogs are rescues. Tank was two years old when we adopted him. Iko was abandoned when he was seven weeks old. Maggie was dumped. And Nana was born in a shelter after her mother and dozens of other dogs were taken from an animal hoarder.

Tank passed away November 19, 2014. He left a gigantic hole in our hearts.

No dog could've been more gentle or shown more empathy. He was twelve and a half. 

We love you, big guy. Always.

Iko (pronounced Eye-Ko) has topped out at 101 lbs and is full of the devil, but he's also the best scorpion hunter I've ever seen.

Spoiled doesn't begin to describe him. Sadly, he's developed arthritis early in life so we've had to modify his activity.

Maggie is a stray who found herself at our doorstep.

For weeks we tried to find her owners and when that didn't work, we contacted a Labrador rescue group. Nobody wanted her.

We adopted her. She was an old girl, but we gave her a home. Maggie passed away May 26, 2015. Her big, big heart just wasn't strong enough to keep going.

Nana in her natural state of evil.

Nana is our latest addition. She's a whirling Dervish with all the conniving of a Delilah. She's a 4-legged tornado--which means none of us get much sleep.

Life on the Homestead

I live on six acres in north Texas where I raise chickens, goats, rabbits, and crops. Next year, we plan to add a pig and bees. 

A few pics of our homestead.